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Pingsters Gather at Secret Recipe

Yesterday, after my seminar in school (Organisational Effectiveness Study and Employee Loyalty, Commitment, and Career Planning), I headed off to Orchard to meet the Pingsters for dinner at Secret Recipe at Forum.

I really didn’t know where Forum was, so I had to ask Xiangying via SMS. Haha. She told me it’s next to Hilton. I was stunned for a while, thinking, “Now, where is Hilton?!” Haha. Finally found it, thanks to some kind souls and a map outside Liat Towers. Hoho.

Was making my way there when Paced called – she was already there! I met her there (we were earliest, yay!) and we started talking about doughnuts and wireless and er… I can’t remember what else. But what I do remember though, is how quickly we warmed up to each other, just like old friends – although yesterday was the first time we met! Haha…

Brennan and Arzhou arrived (separately) soon after, and then Jzin. Poor Jzin had to rush through his dinner, and go back to work, before coming back to join us again after 9pm. Anyways. People started trickling in one by one. Aaron, Sekling & Uzyn, Sabrina, DJLamb, NTT

Was very happy to see Sekling! She just started her first day at work, at SCB, and I feel like I haven’t seen her for ages! Although in reality it was just a month ago that we met up, at the anniversary party. Wait. It’s only been a month?! It feels like aeons ago! My gosh. Haha. I’ve been to a couple of other meet ups since the party – Hajah Maimunah dinner, and the Miss Clarity Cafe lunch.

Anyway, new faces today were Paced, Aaron, Sabrina, DJLamb. Very happy to meet all of them! Though I kind of didn’t talk to Aaron, Sabrina, and DJLamb. Haha. I’m not very good at splitting my attention amongst so many people. Well, next time then!

We started ordering our food (with the really confused waiter). And then Brennan wanted to order a whole cake (the banana chocolate cake) but the cafe staff said that if he ordered (and paid) for it now, he would have to hold on to the cake, as they cannot keep it in the fridge for him. What?! That means the cake would be melted by the time he was ready to go!

Seriously, this is called bad customer service, and no-sense for business at all. Tsk.

Anyway. Here’s what I had yesterday evening:

Pan-Grilled Dory with Lobster Sauce

Banana Chocolate Cake!

The fish was really good, you know? I enjoyed it – every bite of it. The dory was grilled just right, and there was a buttery richness, topped off with the creamy lobster sauce (which I’m convinced doesn’t contain an ounce of lobster but still tasted wonderful nonetheless). And of course, the cake. Yums. Rich, creamy. I prefer a heavier brownie cake though. But still, it’s hard not to like this cake. Wish I had more space to stuff down some cheese cake as well, but alas, there was only so much that my tummy could take – albeit it was my first meal of the day. Haha.

Okay! Photo with my girls!

One of my best girl friends – Sekling and I

Pretty pretty new friend – Paced and I

And more photos! (Courtesy of

Arzhou debunks the Minesweeper Myth

From L to R: Jzin, Aaron, Uzyn, Arzhou, Brennan

Sabrina and DJLamb

Sekling and I

Thereafter, DK arrived, and we all adjourned to McDonald’s! Haha! DK was actually in class, and he was being lured to Secret Recipe by us our Twitters about the food and the ongoings at the gathering:

Daphne: Mmmm.. The banana chocolate cake from Secret Recipe is yummilicious… It’s really heavenly, you know? Mmmm…

Arzhou: @dk come to the outing (wah very blatant and straightforward!)

Arzhou: @tstar the choc banana cake is very nice

Daphne: Brennan the Digital Terrorist needs to read Voxy to destress. Do you? (bwahahahaha, we extracted a confession from the DT!)

Paced being disgusted amused by DK

And Jzin trying to be Voxy trying to act cute

I left soon after, so I don’t know what else happened. But it was a very fruitful and successful (smaller) gathering. I really was able to take my mind off certain issues, at least for a while, and I was able to eat properly!

Ah, okay, and something vain… I wore a new dress today, and forgot to take a picture of it. So I set my HP camera to self-timer, and voila!

Dress – $21 from C.O.A.X.
Belt – $11 from Aries
Bag – Price unknown from Chanel

Anyway. Stay tuned to the forum for more announcements for gatherings!

If you’re reading this, and you are not from, join us! We’re really easygoing and we just have so much fun meeting new people each time 🙂 We don’t bite either. Haha!

Click here for Arzhou’s entry on the gathering.


  1. Kee kee… missed a meetup with so many chio bus… *sigh*

  2. Sorry hor, I didn’t on the twitter.

    I was being pushed away by my boring and crappy lecturer. Hmm…. perhaps I should blog about him….

  3. mic: u can always ask the chiobus out again haha.

    dk: haha isit…! 🙂 anyways glad u came lah.

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