Posted by: incywincy | September 17, 2007

My Viable Options

I’m so frustrated! I’ve been applying for a position at the Careers@NTUC website, and it keeps timing out or dying on me! I have filled the same form up 3 freaking times, and I’ve given up!

I shall do it another day when my mood is better.

This weekend has been a waste of my time. I have yet to do anything productive – my Law project seems to be on a standstill. It’s so stagnant that if it were water, aedes mosquito could breed in it. Boo.

Feeling super frustrated now. I cannot wait to finish up my course and move on to the next step in my life. At this point in time, I’m not quite sure what that is, but it’s alright because I always believe that things will smoothen out somehow.

I’ve been contemplating going to Australia to study Industrial Relations. But things are very unconfirmed at the moment, because I have to await the university’s reply on the module exemptions matter. It’s all just one big long wait. Frustrating.

So my back up plan is to go ahead and apply for a job at NTUC as Industrial Relations Officer, and hope that I get an interview and a chance. But at the moment, the website keeps showing me error messages, so I am going to KIV until I feel like filling in forms again!

I also want to say thank you to all my friends and the Pingsters who have been leaving messages on my blog, and sending me virtual hugs. It means a lot to me at this moment, and I’m just glad that I have friends who are standing by me.

Hmm! Other than that. My mom is away visiting my dad in Indonesia! OK! I don’t have a dysfunctional family okay, we are together! We exist in the world of emails. Haha.

I’m happy when I’m alone, but after eating frozen food for a while, after having no one to talk to when I get home, after having to walk home late at night from the bus stop, and after having to clean up after myself, I usually start missing my mom. Haha!


  1. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, I sorta like ask myself, “why do I have so long more to graduate.” Then I tell myself, “since I have so much time, I have to justify myself to get As.” Hehe…

    Jia you!

  2. *sayang*

    relax gal, sometimes things in life never go the way you want to. but it could also be a good thing, letting you seek new opportunities and options 🙂

    ganbatte! 🙂

  3. Frozen food again? When u gonna start to learn to cook, huh? 😉

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