Posted by: incywincy | August 5, 2007

Did You See My Appetite?

I have no appetite. None at all. I’ve not eaten since dinner last night, yet I feel no desire to eat. I hear BB and his Mom’s words echoing in my head already – eat not because you are hungry, but because you have to – but I look at my food and I feel like throwing up.

Even the thought of doughnuts and cakes do not excite me.

BB’s Mom should have landed in Beijing already. I wanted to blog about the precious last few days that I spent with her, but WordPress ate up my blog. So I shall blog about it later. For now, I’m going to unwind on the couch, read, and try to remember the 心境自然凉 mantra.

I hate the weather in this part of the world. Justin, on the other hand, is in Zambia (Africa) and loving the weather. “WTF?!” you say? Well apparently not all of Africa has extremely hot weather! Haha. I know, it’s a misconception that everyone has, that Africa is hot hot hot! Well, according to Justin, the weather there is now about 15 degrees Celsius. And that a small bottle of shampoo costs about USD 10! Wah. So I guess people there do not use shampoo? Haha. According to Justin, people there are poor, but they are all happy, smiley and friendly.

Sometimes I wish I was in another part of the world, too, away from all my troubles.


  1. 15 degree C? Haha, I always thought the weather must be darn hot in Africa.

    We should export shampoo to Africa then. heh heh.


  2. Whenever I face problems, I would always say: 10 years from now, it won’t matter, and I won’t even remember it ever existed.

    Oh, eat well too. And be happy!!


  3. Hugs daphne … do get well soon. I think you arent eating cos you are stressed out.

  4. No appetite?

    Go get some ice cream 🙂
    I am sure everyone has a spare area in the stomach reserved for it!

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