Posted by: incywincy | June 19, 2007

I Just Can’t Get Enough of Connie Talbot!

I know everyone just loved Connie Talbot‘s performance at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions. (Official Website) I teared cried unabashedly while sitting in front of the computer, watching and re-watching her performance clips on YouTube.

So here’s her performance at the Semi Finals!

And the Finals!

Although Connie didn’t win (Paul Potts the opera-singing handphone salesman won), I’ll bet she will win a recording contract anyway! She was the audience’s favourite! She got the most votes!

I’ve been so addicted to this show (because of Connie) that I’ve spent loads of time watching the clips on YouTube. Some are downright horrible, but some are marvellously amazing! I really liked Paul Pott’s voice too, but I somehow wished Connie won instead. I’m sure the Queen would’ve loved to listen to Connie sing! FYI, winner gets GBP100,000 and the chance to sing live for Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the British Royal Family!

Connie, you’re so adorable! You’ve completely won me over.

More about Connie:


  1. awww! such a sweet post!
    i’m gutted connie didn’t win but paul is just remarkable babe.
    i hope connie will turn out alright, with fame at that age is scary as shit man!
    anyway connie rocks!

  2. some1 said this – it’s because connie is blonde, small, cute and has no front teeth. now imagine that if she’s an adult – she’ll probably just pass off as so-so.

  3. screw that someone. more likely, given her love for singing, with the right guidance, she will be even more outstanding as an adult! imagine her singing in pitch perfect tones at this age and even with the missing 2 front teeth. very impressive..

  4. linda: i think it’s more than jus 2 teeth leh.. looks like 4. hahaha

  5. Which reminds me of somebody’s visit to the dentist soon…

  6. haha i postponed it. i have class on 25th (which i cant miss) and i cant possibly do the op on the 23rd n go to school looking like someone punched my face.

  7. I hope the Queen will invite Connie to sing anyhow. I hope she doesn’t let it get her down.

  8. when you see the world around us going crazy, the good lord sends an angel down to us from above. connie, is that blessing we need.for a short time while i watched her sing, the world didnt seem so crazy. god bless you sweetheart, and dont let those smiles you give us ever leave, there more precious then diamonds or rubbys.

  9. p.s…. in 6 years this little girl has brought happieness to all she meets. the queen has been around for over 80 plus years, and never made me feel anything special. maybe the queen needs to audition in front of a crowd to see if she is worthy of the innicense and sweetness of connie.

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