Posted by: incywincy | September 17, 2007

Of “Models” and “Photographers”

I completely hate and despise ‘photographers’ who claim that they go for “model shoots” to practise taking portraits and how to shoot people. I despise them.

Such model shoots are there solely for 2 purposes:

  1. For male photographers to go and gawk at nubile bodies
  2. For attention-seeking ‘models’ to indulge in their own narcissistic desires

There isn’t any real emotion in this photo, nor any artistic value, only that the girl is prettier (more photogenic) than the average girl you pick off the street. Big deal.

You may argue that it’s only for practise, and they practice better under certain conditions. And that they have to practise so that they can take professional shoots of professional models and celebrities and what nots, in future. Alright, then please answer the following question, my dear friends:

  1. Do you think these ‘photographers’ would consider taking photos if the ‘model’ turned up in a nun’s garb?
  2. How many of these ‘photographers’ will actually go into this line full time in future, ala Russell Wong and Kid Chan?

Chances are, the answer is none, for both questions. They are only using the name of such portrait photographers so as to be able to gawk at those ‘models’. It’s all about the sex factor, isn’t it? Pathetic, really.

I don’t think Kid Chan became who he was by taking such shots.

A true photographer does not only take photos of pretty faces. He would take photos of real people, who have real emotions on their faces, in real settings. Okay, so you may argue, but conditions in a studio are different. The lightings, the mood, etc. Yes yes, you’re right. But why don’t I see you taking photos of old men who have had difficult years and lines etched into their faces to show it? Why don’t I see you taking photos of middle aged women who have slightly sagging breasts and whose soft round bodies tell you, I have had kids and whose smile says, It’s been hard bringing them up but I love my kids?

I’m sure they would make great subjects, too. But nope, it’s all about the sex, isn’t it?

I hate to break it to all you pathetic photographer-wannabes out there, but having a pretty face in a photo does not make it a fabulous photo. It does not make you a photographer either.

And btw, girls, being photogenic also does not make you a ‘model’. The really beautiful ones would never subject themselves to such ‘photoshoots’ because they don’t need to prove to anyone that they are beautiful.

Besides, have all you amateur ‘models’ out there ever thought of what these male ‘photographers’ do with your photos? Unlike celebrity models who have managers and agents, you have no rights to those photos, and you will never know what kind of abuse it is subjected to. Maybe it will be posted on some sex-themed site for more guys to gawk at? Like sgGirls? Or worse, these pathetic ‘photographers’ masturbate to it, maybe?

Have some dignity, won’t you.


  1. wow… tat’s a rather pissed post… T_T

    giving them the benefits of doubt, maybe they’re practising taking wedding photos?

  2. That sounds quite harsh.

    But then, I think it’s human nature to want to have something “nice” or different to look at.

  3. cloudywind: not pissed. more like irritated. haha… ok seriously, one tiny fraction will make it as a wedding photographer, maybe. hmm. ok. so for interest? thn why not take photos of real people? i can give them the benefit of the doubt. if u can tell me that taking pics of a girl in a nun’s garb would not make a difference to the photogs.

    yuhui: nice or different = pretty face? skimpy clothes? real talents dont depend on having pretty faces to make their photographs beautiful.

  4. whoa… i don’t know how it is over at your place, but at least in msia i haven’t seen those so called wannabe photographers taking pictures of so called wannabe models. at least for my class (i’m in a graphic design course) aspiring photographers (students who want to take up photography) will ask each other to pose for each other, and they do will ask that average joe down the street or that old man round the corner to just sit there, do whatever they’re doing, and they’ll shoot photos. and yes, they do learn a lot from there.

    photography is getting cheaper and cheaper, with digital photography and dslr being affordable nowadays. a lot of amateurs call themselves photographers just because they know how to handle some aperture and shutterspeed. there are still alot more than that to become a real photographer. and models? professionalism, not cockiness.

  5. Not forgetting these “photogs” have to pay for those model shoots. Hahahah, personally, I think it’s a waste of time. And the money’s just not worth it. But hell, they are willing to pay for it.

    Daphne ar, just because they can afford such a luxury doesn’t give you the right to judge their skills or jump to conclusions that they are in it for the sex. There are good people around leh…

    And they are not wannabes. They just have too much money to spare. Hehe…

  6. Consider what I’m going to say:

    Join ClubSnap Forums and camp there for 1 month, just 1 month.

    Tell me what you notice.

    I’m a hobbist photographer and used to stay at ClubSnap.

    There are people ranging from pro to newbie. Ofcourse, most of the people there talk about ‘equipments’ more than ‘skill’.

    Most of them are working, so they only have the time to shoot on Sundays and would love to go for dumb shoots which costs $50 to hundreds for each shoot.

    If they don’t shoot, we got no pics to see.

  7. Erm, leave me out of the “we”. 🙂 But yeah it’s understandable because Singapore’s so small, maybe they just happen to change genre and now find shooting portraits more challenging

  8. Did anyone read this before?

  9. Quote from the link above:

    “I really appreciate for the comments left above.

    I agree that this is kind of a supply demand thing. However, my worry is that would this have misled people who have just stepped into the field of photography.

    I have seen new photographers who don’t even know the basics of taking photos but so excited and addicted to shooting portraits or models. Some people might also have the idea that shooting pretty model makes one a pro photographer. But the fact is that pretty models always look pretty, well, unless one’s skills really cannot make it. And models wearing bikini are always sexy.

    Hence instead of following the trend to shoot pretty and sexy girls, I suggest new photographers to really think about what they really want out of photography, and don’t get fooled by the pretty model shots came out of their camera.”

  10. Not before you read this:

  11. True, perfect models doesn’t guarantee perfect pictures.

  12. “real talents dont depend on having pretty faces to make their photographs beautiful.”

    I think most models would disagree with you. Not everyone can do the poses, or be willing to do so in public.

    On the other hand, is this why brides always glam it up for their wedding portraits — to be a model for that one day? 🙂

  13. They glam up tremendously for that one day of wedding photoshoot, because they know for the rest of their days, they’l prolly be toiling at home washing the dishes, mopping the floow, scrubbing the toilet bowl. SUPER UNGLAM.

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