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My background:
My current fields of study are Business and Human Resource Management. I also majored in English Language and Literature in NIE prior to this course. My first language is English, and I can guarantee that my writing is 99% free of grammatical errors.

I also served in the NTU Students’ Union for a year (2005-2006) as the Editor-in-Chief of the Union newspaper, the NTU Tribune. During this year in office, I also wrote and edited other Union publications and press releases.

I have experience in all the services I offer (stated below).

Please note: All engagements will be kept confidential, and I will not republish or reproduce any writing (that I have done for you or your company) under my own name.

All kinds of assignments accepted (essays, literature reviews, projects, magazine articles and reviews, etc) for all levels and purposes (diploma, undergraduate, MBA or commercial).

Topics I write on include Arts and Business subjects, for academics. I use APA style of referencing, or Harvard style of referencing, depending on your needs.

Other articles I have written include reviews of food, music, movies, as well as on relationships and lifestyle articles.

I also write resumes and cover letters for some of my customers, who are now working for major organizations like UOB, NTUC, Great Eastern, Keppel, Mindef, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Kelly Services, etc.

All kinds of assignments accepted for all levels up to PhD. I edit for language, grammar, and sentence structures. No editing will be done for content, but I usually provide some feedback to the authors if the content is too lean or not coherent.

Negotiable – depending on the type of writing, the amount of research needed, whether or not reading materials are provided, time given to complete the assignment, and of course, with consideration of your budget.

For Writing Assignments:
Usual rates: $200-$300 per 1000 words (depending on above criteria)

For Resume Writing:
Usual rates: $50 per resume (inclusive of meet up to discuss)
Add $10 per cover letter (you will need more than 1 for different industries)

For Editing Assignments:
Usual rates: $50 for 5,000 words and below. $100 up to 12,000 words.

All rates are negotiable, but please note that:
(1) I provide quality service, and guarantee your satisfaction
(2) these are market rates offered by other freelancers as well

Other services:
I am also a private tutor, and I teach English (among other subjects) to school-going students and adults (conversational or Business Communication). I have experience in PSLE teaching, GCE O Levels, and GCE A Levels (General Paper), as well as teaching English as a second language to International School students or foreign students. I have taught students from China and Korea, as well as Singapore and Malaysia. Rates vary according to levels and location.

Please drop me an email with your contact number (if convenient) so that I can get in touch with you to discuss your needs. I will respond within 24 hours.

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