Posted by: incywincy | May 2, 2006

Violent mood

I am so pissed off with the temp receptionist they hired during the early part of April. The HR woman didn't like me, because I was messy (I tend to open many files and have papers scattered all over my desk when I'm working) and sometimes looked unkempt, so my contract was not extended after the initial 1 month during March. They hired me back in the last week of April because JT realised that the new girl is really stupid.

Anyway that is not the point. The point is, that stupid girl Phylis made a fucking mess out of almost all the admin files.

Whenever she didn't know where to file a particular document, what she'd do is simply just open a new file, or start a new section in an existing file, or just hide them all under the desk.

WTF?! She better not appear in the office again when I'm around. I will break her legs.


  1. Woah calm down dear, you are the best~

    You want my mum teach you yoga? Hee…

  2. my CHRO, CEO and Chairman (whose offices i’m sitting right in front of) will definitely appreciate it when i get too stressed at work n suddenly pull out a yoga mat from under my desk and start contorting my body into formations they have never imagined possible…

    sure! i’d love to learn yoga from your mom!

  3. hmm sounds cool you know!
    you can lead a trend in the company, every tuesday is Yoga Day, everyone muz do yoga!!!

  4. pls submit proposal to HRA regarding implementation of any staff welfare initiatives..


  5. that’s still ur job, wahaha… ok, back to notes. >.

  6. i totally understand such sickening ppl. no sense of responsibility one i tell u! irritate the hell out of me when i come across such ppl too…

  7. haha… so violent. i think i must have been one of those annoying people. when i did some part time after a-levels and i had to do filing, if I didn’t know where something went, i would just tikam where it might go hurhur. but usually i was right ah. or i’d put it back in the mailbox when no one is looking. so office lady would sort it out.

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