Posted by: incywincy | April 30, 2006

I’m being forced to blog


I'm now at SAC with my Dear, freezing our butts off. He's fast asleep trying to get some studying done for his next paper, while I'm doing random things like playing Zuma, reading a  novel I borrowed from him (Deep End of the Ocean), uploading photos to blog with, listening to music, admiring the heap of cream-coloured long-sleeved tee which contains my Dear.

He is really sleeping! When he's supposed to be studying.

Well, he's had a rough night. Dear's mom is here in Singapore for 2 weeks, and late last night, he went to the airport to fetch her. But it had to be an examplary case of Murphy's Law, and he waited for the wrong flight at the wrong terminal.

This is the flight that we thought she was on:

CA969, which was scheduled to arrive at 9:25pm, but got delayed due to bad weather, and finally landed at 11:29pm at Terminal 1. Well, like I said, she wasn't on that flight. She was actually on SQ801, which landed at 11:09pm at Terminal 2.

Dear waited and waited until the last piece of baggage was collected, and well, to cut a long story short, he ended up studying and sleeping at the airport, while his Mom arrived at the Nanyang Executive Centre and called me because Dear's phone had died. First time talking to his Mom (abit scary, but she was quite nice). Tee hee!

Anyways, Dear's Mom, who is a professor back in Beijing, is here for her eMBA course (everybody say Wow! Heh) and she'll be here at NTU for 2 weeks! Hehe. I interrupt this news broadcast to bring you the latest updates: Chaoyi, the very tired boyfriend, is snoring. Hahaha!

Heh. Moving on.

On Friday, Dear made me upset, and so he came to pick me up after work, with sweet li'l present. Of course, I didn't forgive him immediately. But he was quite sweet to me and all, so. Hehe. We went for dinner at Marche. Had my fave pork sausage rosti and ham and cheese crepe. These are my staples at Marche.

Pork sausage rosti

Ham and cheese crepe

Yums. The food was really good. Is this considered our first official date? Hehe! Okay, I just remembered that it's not. Our first official date should be when we went to watch Firewall at Jurong Point after work on Monday evening.

Afterwards, we went back to his place, and did some random stuff before bedtime. Dear was fiddling with his lamp (he was complaining that the power cable was too short). So he found an unused cable from his printer, and started connecting those earth, live and neutral wires (remember Physics?) while I looked on, slightly impressed by how men are born with this innate ability or knowledge about electrical stuff.

Then Dear's roommate (the weird guy) decided to deliver the ultimate stupidest statement I've ever heard from him:

"我可以把灯关掉吧?" (It's ok if I switch off the light, right?)

And while I was dumbfounded by the sheer stupidity of the question, Dear replied: "如果你把灯关掉我就会被电死了" (If you switch off the light, I'll be electrocuted to death!)

How can he think of switching off the lights when Dear was changing the power cable of the lamp?! My gosh.

Anyway this roommate of his is the roommate from hell. Yucks. I hope Gerald and Dear get to room together again next semester.

Random pic:

Mushroom salad from Swensen's, from H.

I skipped lunch at work on Friday, because I was in a bad mood. So someone bought me a light snack. 🙂 It's quite yummy, but after you finish the whole plate of it, you'll feel mushroomed. Haha.


  1. haha yays you two are okays again! =) what’s the mysterious thing below the Pork sausage?

  2. Its rosti.. basically its shredded potatoes. haha.. thn its sorta fried… but not deep fried. its hard to explain. heh..

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