Posted by: incywincy | September 5, 2007

How to Spend a Cashless Day Pampering Yourself

This requires a lot of ‘preparations’ beforehand, and some coordination and good luck. So please bear with me if you don’t find that my method works for you! Hehe.

1. Morning breakfast at McDonalds – redeem a McMuffin or Filet O Fish using the points that you have earned on your EZ Link / Macs membership

2. Armed with your laptop, head to the library nearest to you, and enjoy free surfing with Wireless@SG as long as you like. Pick up any books to loan with your library card. It’s free! (It’s called your NRIC card, silly)

3. Redeem a free facial or spa or massage with a voucher that you got from a magazine or contest joined. Some banks’ new credit cards sign ups also reward new customers with massage/spa vouchers. I love massages the most! Always feel very happy after getting one! Hehe.

4. Redeem free lunch from points accumulated for riding on buses and MRTs using your EZ Link card (SBS’ Ride & Redeem Scheme)! For example, 100 Transit Dollars for a Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice Special Set.

5. Redeem a free movie ticket with one of the movie tickets from a stack that you got from working as a part-time staff for Singtel’s Wireless@SG (haha) – I’m going to watch Hairspray!

6. Get a free hair cut at some hairdressing academy (Toni & Guy, etc)

7. Pay for any transport using EZ Link card (preferably not your own) Haha! Otherwise, if you’re living in the west, you can shuttle between IMM and Jurong East, Clementi or Boon Lay using the free shuttle bus 🙂

There you go! Free day out (okay lah, don’t count the transport part. I said cashless, not completely free). Haha!


  1. heh, i shall find a day i could try cashless pampering 😀

  2. Sounds great.. Hmm.. I should try one day maybe..

  3. […] shows how a cashless day can be spent pampering yourself in Singapore. Share […]

  4. besides wireless@sg which u helped me apply for, i’ve no mac membership etc etc etc.

    looks like im fated to NOT have a cashless day.

  5. Cashless but not free?
    Hehe~~ I could cashlessly pamper myself for one whole month~~ Credit Card is more than useful~~

  6. Actually McDonalds is giving away free Sausage McGriddles currently. You can try that.

  7. Wah…great tips!

    I am gonna apply for McD membership!

    and hor, haircut at the hair schools veri long wan leh… i tried twice, not worth the time wor

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