Posted by: incywincy | June 18, 2007

Oooh. Bitchy.

When I blogged about Pubic Hair Girl here, my despise for her was only superficial (for her lack of good grammar and for flashing her hair-down-there to me), but today I totally, wholly, completely despise her for her absent work ethics.

We were supposed to gather at The Cathay’s Starbucks outlet for a project meeting this morning at 10.30am. Alright, everyone else except S & I were actually late. J & X both arrived within minutes of each other, at about 11.30am. But you know what, at least they didn’t complain about having to come for the meeting, and neither did they call at the last minute and say that they were sick and “don’t really feel like going for meeting”.

Well, J & X were late, so I wasn’t all too happy, but you know what? At least they did their work before coming! And the work done was actually pretty good. So I decided to overlook the latecoming.

PHG, on the other hand, did this:

  1. Whined about how sick she was (she looked fine when she arrived)
  2. Whined about how far The Cathay is (she lives in Jurong but S lives in Choa Chu Kang, J lives in Hougang, X lives in Pasir Ris, and I was at Pasir Ris myself last night too)
  3. Arrived at 1.30pm (that’s 3 hours past the agreed meeting time)
  4. Did absolutely no work, no research, no preparation, prior to our meeting – i.e., she came empty handed when I stressed multiple times last Friday that no one was to come without their parts done

You know what irked me?

  1. Right from our first project meeting, she shot down every single idea I had, or anyone else had
  2. She kept saying, “No, sure cannot work cos…” whenever we suggested something
  3. Kept telling us how great her previous education was (she was from an IT course in an ITE)
  4. She kept saying, “OK can, I can do…” whenever we asked for someone to do a particular task
  5. And then she didn’t do prepare anything at all
  6. And she spent the entire 3.5 hours that she was there, SMS-ing her boyfriend, staring into space slash daydreaming, or criticizing us when she came back down to earth
  7. She felt completely no remorse when the rest of us volunteered to do her parts cos she “dunno how to do leh”

Hello, Miss PHG “Superior-IT-Student-Can-Do-All-Myself-All-Your-Ideas-Won’t-Work”, if you’re really so good, and your ideas so fantastic, why didn’t you come with any work done?

When she came, she blatantly asked, “Why you all wasting time on all these rubbish? Just straight do Powerpoint lar!”

Excuse me, Miss PHG, we were actually doing research on statistics that we needed to further back up our ideas, of which you contributed none that were worthy of our consideration even (we took a vote before deciding on ideas). We happen to like having our Powerpoint slides brimming with facts and good ideas that are reinforced by figures, which shows our intelligence (or at least, that we have gone through a thinking process), which reflects our hardwork and effort, and which appears nothing less than impressive, unlike the perpetual state of your brain.

Don’t get me wrong. I got nothing against ITE students, because many that I’ve met are actually brilliant too – they simply weren’t cut out for the rigid exam-focussed education system in Singapore.

X is also from ITE but she is hardworking, creative, has ideas to contribute, has critical thinking skills. Another classmate, J.O. is also from ITE, but he is highly respected by everyone who has had the chance to work with him – his quality of work is excellent, he is enthusiastic, helpful, and he doesn’t insult people’s ideas (even if it’s less than feasible) by telling them that all their ideas don’t work.

(On a separate point, though, the irritating couple I mentioned here were from ITE too. Since I’ve only met the extremes, I have to conclude that people from ITEs are of two extremes, Haha)

Anyway. We (the rest of the people in the group) are generally nice people (yes, yours truly included, because I refrain from bitching among classmates about other classmates), but today we couldn’t help but take turns to go to the washroom in pairs so that we could bitch about her!

We concluded that she embodies the definition of NATO (No Action, Talk Only).

Best quote of the day: “I very good doing research cos I study IT/multimedia and we really have to use Net to search many info.” (her exact words)

Okay lor, so other students in other courses don’t really use the Internet to obtain information. They just like, use traditional methods of going to the library, and like, read all the books available to find the required information. Okay lor.

I just wish you were half as good in grammar, in being humble, and in actually doing work, as you are (obviously) in bragging and shooting down ideas, and (not so obviously), in doing research (we really can’t tell that your claim is true because you didn’t do any research at all, you know).

All of us just rolled our eyes when she made that proclamation, and didn’t bother pointing out to her that all the rest of us know how to search for information on Google, too.

Afterwards, we went shopping at Plaza Singapura, and we really couldn’t be bothered to even ask if she wanted to come along.


  1. i have this very irritating male project mate that we (the rest of us) hate too. now all of us is wondering whom to tell him he is not on our project group next semester. any suggestions on how we should tell him?

  2. she sounds horible.
    Eh tell her to go for a wax okay. Pubic hair is so not in.
    I hope she’s pretty enough for all mankind to overlook her lack of brain and accidental flashes.

  3. Omg, what a bitch. (o_O)

  4. I hate group projects.
    There will always be a “compare-the-amount-of-work-done-by-each-individual” thingy.

    I always feel like I’m not doing enough when compared to the leader who “does-it-all” but when I see group members sitting in front of the TV while we slog away. I really have the urge to poke them with my hairpin.

  5. […] Presentation on Wednesday was pretty alright, except for PHG’s parts. This is just a sample of what she said (quoted word for word, with her […]

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