Posted by: incywincy | July 31, 2007

Twitter Troubles

This morning at 4am I received a barrage of Twitter SMS-es. Seventeen in total! WTH. I finally got them – all the delayed messages from yesterday. Woke me up with the incessant ringing, one by one. Was so pissed off.

And then it stopped, and there were no more Twitter messages again, so I had to check my Twitter home when I woke up this morning, to see who Twittered since 4am.

What is the point of my having Twitter if I can only read it online? Stupid Twitter.

Do you think it’s something wrong with my phone? I’m using a Vodafone Sharp 802SH. Do you think it’s something wrong with my service provider? I’m using a Singtel prepaid card, and I’m roaming in Malaysia on Celcom at the moment. Or do you think it’s just me? Sigh.

I think it’s just me.


  1. dun activate ur phone in ur twitter.

  2. but i want! i jus dont want the msgs to come after 12 hours or smtg.. 😦 i dont want delays 😦

  3. Could be due to twitter’s server or slight delay on Singtel notification side.

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