Posted by: incywincy | July 30, 2007


Another rainy day. Makes me kind of happy. But happy is relative. Compared to last night, I think I feel 0.0001% better now, simply because it is raining.

Last night I killed a cockroach using (maybe) about one quarter of a can of insecticide. Ended up with a really oily floor. And a dead roach which I left on the floor for my mother to pick up this morning. Sorry, I don’t touch roaches.

Our friend Justin is going away to Zambia (and maybe Congo and South Africa) for work, for a whole month. Gonna miss him, but I guess he will have some really interesting stories to tell (and pictures to show) when he gets back!

I seem to be unable to receive Twitter updates on my mobile phone. Why? Why God, why me? Checked settings, Miccheng double checked for me. Nothing seems amiss. So why? Why me?

Why doesn’t Blogger save our information when we key it into comment forms, so that we don’t have to keep typing it in over and over again? It really is irritating.

Why doesn’t WordPress have a Twitter widget? I hate the RSS widget. It updates about 2 hours (usually) after I Twitter something.

My results for the other 2 modules (Stats and Info Sys) are not out yet. I’m so anxious I think it’s affecting my sleep. I’m so worried. Is this normal?

I have really severe mood swings. Is this something I should be concerned about?

The printer at home is working again! I can now scan, print, photocopy and fax again! But I don’t know how to fax (I don’t even know what is my fax number). Hmm.

I am having holidays now. So is my boyfriend. It’s rare that our holidays actually coincide. But I can’t see him now, and my mother yells at me each time I say I want to go over to Singapore. Kind of depressing.


  1. Why ur mum yells when you wanna go SG?

    My dad will only be sad if I go SG and miss work. Ha.

  2. you finish liao …
    the cockroaches in your neighbourhood is immune to your insecticide …
    hor hor hor …

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