Posted by: incywincy | July 30, 2007

A Happy Post That Turned Sad

I’m finally on Twitter. Seems like I’m always slow on the uptake when following trends online. Actually, I think I’m just lazy. I first got to know about Twitter a few months ago, when Uzyn started Twittering. I joined, but never began twittering myself, because I didn’t know how to put the updates up on my blog.

Anyway, I’ve got it fixed now, using an RSS widget (see sidebar) but I’m still not happy about it – feed updates are really slow, and it doesn’t look as nice as the other Twitter badges that everyone else has.

Yesterday (Sunday) flew by like a daze. I slept really late (or early, depending on how you look at it) – around 5am, after having a super long conversation with Ridz on MSN. I didn’t think I’d be able to wake up for breakfast at 9, but I did.

My mother, Elaine and I, went to a dimsum place, which boasted a menu of over 100 types of dimsum, with Yali, Xiaoli, and their parents. It was a delightful morning actually, chatting over delicious food and Chinese tea, despite my lack of sleep. I think Xiaoli was really tired too. Haha. She had just attended a 5-day NTU Malaysian Society Camp, and would be attending the Hall 6 Freshmen Orientation Camp which begins today (Monday) and lasts for 6 days.

It was fun seeing Yali again – our dear busy auditor has been away in China for work for a really long time. A month? Anyway, I didn’t get to talk to her much cos Elaine was hogging her (haha). It’s alright though, because Elaine and Yali don’t get to talk as often as I talk to Yali, I guess 🙂

Didn’t take any photos of the place or the food, but I hope to go back there to review it soon. I realised that I really like writing about food. Haha.

I got home and went back to bed immediately – not the wisest thing to do after a heavy breakfast. Still, I was really too tired, and I slept for about 6 hours till 4:30pm! Had a light meal, and then we went off to the airport.

Elaine flew off today – have to admit that I was relieved. I know this sounds mean (she being my sister whom I see only once a year and all), but with the recent unhappy events pertaining to my overseas studies (my parents disapprove), I cannot help but feel resentful of the fact that everyone is still fussing over her when she has already finished her medical degree and have had her fair share of time spent overseas, studying and holidaying. She already has a job in Scotland, for goodness sake. I wanted to ask everyone why they were still fussing over her – but I felt that she would have felt indignant about it, so I didn’t.

In any case, her presence at home this time only reminded me constantly of the unfairness of my family’s government. I guess everyone worries about the doctor’s future (ironic, because it’s already set to take off) while no one worries about this poor,  financially-struggling student who aspires to be someone important too.

Now I sound bitter and jealous. But hey, maybe I am. No one cares anyway. Tears are blurring my eyes and I can’t see to type any more. Good night.


  1. same goes to me on Twitter. how i wish wordpress allows flash and tagboards.

  2. hi sentosagirl: i also wish that!! hhaha but i’ve sort of gotten used to not having a tagboard already. it’s been 1.5 years since i used wp! 😛

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