Posted by: incywincy | July 28, 2007 gathering at Miss Clarity Cafe

Wow. Finally it’s over and done with, after 2 weeks of discussing where to gather! We finally decided on Miss Clarity Cafe (Purvis Street) near Bugis. I was famished (and rather wet no thanks to the pelting rain) by the time I got there, so I was kind of erm, expecting a lot with regards to the food. Anyway.

Plus points: They were willing to accomodate such a huge group of us and it was an accessible place (near an MRT station). Oh, and it was great that they tolerated our noise level, haha. And! No additional service charge, and price was already inclusive of GST.

I think this is where the good stuff ends.

I ordered a Chicken Cordon Bleu ($8.80 nett) and a Hazelnut Iced Latte ($3.80 nett). Both gave me little satisfaction – the chicken was too dry (perhaps they shouldn’t have used the chicken breast) and the sides consisted of some sauteed cabbage (wtf?!) and potatoes, while the latte was erm, for want of better adjectives, like horse piss (that’s what my dad usually says of horrible coffee). Watered down and with no trace of hazelnut at all, it was quite a waste of my $3.90 which could have been put to better use for a short cab ride.

Anyway, the rest found their food mediocre as well, so I suppose food isn’t one of the cafe’s strongest points. I was just telling Miccheng that had I made it known to the staff that we are a group of bloggers (who might review their cafe in our blogs), they might possibly have put in a tad more effort into the cooking of the food. Haha.

That said, I still think that the place has good ambience for gatherings of all sorts, big or small, though we would probably not return for the food (nor the drinks) again. Whoops. Maybe they need to find a more attractive niche. At least, at Settler’s, they have board games, which more than makes up for the pathetic excuse they have for food. With such a great location and such a nice cafe set up, it would be a waste if they had to close down due to a dwindling customer base who don’t return because of the food.

Well! Enough of the cafe!

Today I had the pleasure of talking to some people whom I’ve not talked to (or not much) at the party on 070707. Met Yuka (snowbiscuits), Miccheng, Jean (aka simplyjean), talked to Jiaying (surfslayer) for the first time though we’d met previously, had quite an interesting conversation on a variety of topics with Ridz, Yuhui and Eujzin (aka jzin), and got to eat Adrian’s (aka arzhou) cookies (yum yum! Thanks for waking up at 6 to bake for us!) but forgot to whack him for always teasing me.

Lalala. I’m very happy to meet all these new friends – as always – and it really did perk me up a little, helped me take my mind off some problems for a few hours, and finally put a face to the nicknames of the people whom we’ve been chatting with (or whose blogs we’ve been reading) on the shoutbox!

I think Yuka is trying to be a contender for the Most Shy Pingster award (the first nominee being Christina aka uglyfatchick). Hur hur. Then again, it’s her first time meeting us, so it might have been a little overwhelming. Haha!

All in all, I felt that it was a super fun gathering today. Certainly enjoyed talking to the 3 gentlemen whose conversation I (rudely) barged in upon during the last hour that we were at the cafe. Hehe. Thanks to jzin also, for giving me a lift to Clementi MRT! 🙂

I have no pics, btw, cos my so hop on over to Claudia’s blog (she was the photographer of the day!)

People who attended: Miccheng, Jzin, Chillycraps, Claudia, Sheylara, Nannywen, Tstar, Arzhou, Surfslayer, Snowbiscuits, Daphnemaia, DK, Uzyn, Simplyjean, Ridz, Yuhui, Uglyfatchick, Ethan.

People who went missing at the last minute: Veron (tsk tsk), NTT (tsk tsk)and BB (tsk tsk), who accompanied his mom who is visiting from Beijing to watch the NDP preview thingie.

edit: NTT came at 6pm, after they adjourned to Starbucks…


  1. Its a pleasure to finally meet you too. 😀


  2. NTT came at 6pm.

  3. okokay shall edit haha!

  4. You can barge in on my conversation any time!

  5. You know you dun wanna whack me 🙂

  6. Actually it was more like 7pm..

    Such a pity I missed everyone. Haiz anyway.. next meetup!!

  7. Hiya!

    u r welcome (the car ride was more enjoyable with good company!). and I enjoyed the barging in too (I’m sure ridz din mind as well!)

    It was great to finally meet u and talk to u in person.
    Till the next time, meanwhile…enjoy ur hols and all the best in your studies (exams results and the future)

  8. yuhui: thanks.. hehe that’s really nice magnamimous of u 🙂 hehe

    arzhou: i do, oh u bet i do! im going to put a hp reminder the nxt time i meet u, muz whack u!

    NTT: haha yah lor! nxt time u muz b the first to arrive! heh

    jzin: thanks for everything ehh. 🙂

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