Posted by: incywincy | July 26, 2007

Why This Country Cannot Make It Part II

This is an extension to my previous post about “Why this country cannot make it”.

Wah, people sing the national anthem until like that already, still don’t want to wake up.

*shakes head*

Anyway. Kudos to the writer and singer (if different persons) of this song – you’re brave; I applaud you!


  1. More info about the writer/singer:

    Zhi Ming aka Namewee wrote it. Taiwan Mass Comm student! Wrote other songs: Ma Po De Hua Yu (Muar’s Chinese) & Kawanku (

    Govt gonna sue him, but we’re supporting him!

    He may go to jail or get a fine, or both; RM100, 1 week in jail or both!

  2. Wah lau!!! he really brave leh! really “chang chu wo men de xin sheng”!!!!!

    I salute him!

    It’s not nice to keep picking on our country’s lack of many many things… but the facts are all there, if we wanna be appreciative of our country it’ll be very the “mian qiang”…haiz…

    Keep on saying our country cannot make it oso useless lah Daph… no one is hearing what we say… sad sad

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