Posted by: incywincy | July 24, 2007

Stepped on toes unknowingly

All because of a heated argument regarding erm, Harry Potter. Hurt the feelings of someone I hoped could have been a friend, and well, her boyfriend. I’m sorry for all that I said and wrote, but maybe sorry is really too late.

Nevertheless, I feel really really really really bad for causing trouble between them just because of some rubbish I spouted in the heat of the moment. I never meant for this to blow to such proportions, but of course, it did, and I didnt’ even know!

I’m not an evil person, really. I never wish bad things upon people. And now I totally regret my actions. Will not link anything from here, because I don’t want it to become an even bigger issue. But those whose toes I stepped on, you know who you are, and I am truly repentant. Taking down the post and trying to erase the words won’t lessen the hurt, so I won’t try. But I am sorry.


  1. You know you’ve stepped on my toes …
    You know I’m the one and only haiku guru in the world. say sorry …

  2. jayson: jus bcos i havent been feeling up to writing haikus recently doesnt mean that i am relegating the throne to u! i am the haiku princess / queen / king / prince / all other royalty.


  3. dont fwen you liao.

  4. is ok leh. i tink i can live without ur friendship.


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