Posted by: incywincy | July 24, 2007

East Living vs West Living

And so the boyfriend is finally moving away from Pasir Ris, away from the evil landlord and landlady, away from that house where internet connection is never readily available even though we paid $420 for the room, and where there is no usage of aircondition allowed.

Seriously, $420, without aircondition and the place is so damn hot? And they only switch the router when they are at home. So at all other times, if we need an internet connection, well, too bad for us.

Nevertheless, there are things that I will miss when we move away from the east:

1. White Sands! 😯 What? I’ve grown used to this heartland mall, okay.
2. The library being in White Sands, instead of outside, like Jurong Point 
3. Cottage Pies only available at White Sands
4. The soon-to-be-opened Donut shop at White Sands 😦
5. How near it is from Bugis (where my school is)
6. The fresh air
7. The double bed in BB’s room
8. Fat fat miaomi 😐
9. Studying with Xin at Pasir Ris Library / White Sands McD’s.

But BB’s moving back to Hall means a lot more good things too:

1. Ever-ready internet connection!
2. More cooling place (although more mosquitoes too)
3. Jurong Point! 😯 (Haha)
4. Familiarity
5. Friends (who stay in the west)
6. Nearer to Jurong East (where I depart for JB)
7. Holland V doesn’t seem so far away anymore! (Yay, Lis!)
8. Bukit Timah also doesn’t seem so far away anymore! (Yay, XY!)
9. Yummy beef hor fun from the coffee shop at Pioneer Rd North
10. We can make as much noise as we want!
11. Campus Calls on BB’s phone!
12. FTP! More movies! Haha. Oops. 😳
13. Being near BB’s mom (who is here for 2 weeks and staying at NEC)

A lot more good things! And I can’t believe that it’s all going to happen on Thursday! Yahoooo! I can’t wait to pack up and move 🙂

*thinks for a while*

Okay, maybe not the moving bit. Haha. But it’s okay, good things will come only after you put in effort. So I shall look forward to stretching my muscles, running up and down long flights of stairs while moving things, and perspiring! Haha!

Yay yay yay!! 😛


  1. Wow. $420 without aircon and internet is a lot. A few months ago I was paying $400 for always-on internet and air-con (not 24-hours but i turned it on for about 5 hours per day).

  2. You’re going to live near Jurong Point? Coolness! We’re going to be practically neighbours now 🙂

  3. uzyn: yah. very ex, right? and the landlord also said that if i stayed there as often as i did, we shd have been paying double the rent. we were quite horrified by it. double?! so that means that we have to pay $840 for a small common room? without aircon and most-of-the-time not available internet connection? stupid fella.

    rinaz: yeah!! we can go to JP and eat.. er.. ice cream? hahaha! 🙂 no more coffee joint at JP unless u consider mccafe 😦

  4. yay daphne is gonna be a westie!

  5. wah. finally come back already lo. see. u cant escape from me. nah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha~
    sorry eh-hmm.

    anyway, yah la its abt time u come back. we meet too little, how can!
    u forgot to mention elise will be back in NIE and i can see u in NTU. hahahahha

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