Posted by: incywincy | July 22, 2007

Satisfied Harry Potter fan

Finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows just before 2am yesterday. I got the book at about 9am. Managed to read some in between running errands yesterday, and doing other things (napping, eating, bla bla bla). I’d say, not bad! πŸ˜›

Well, let’s just say that the retard’s spoilers didn’t spoil my read at all. I was completely truly fantastically satisfied with the ending. I thought JK Rowling was really considerate to include the epilogue to satisfy the curious *ahem38ahem* fans like yours truly. Hehe.

Anyway it’s an exciting book. Heartwrenching, funny, and… satisfying πŸ™‚

Go read!


  1. I think its not very nice to keep calling someone retard. While he is wrong to throw out the spoiler, you are also wrong to use the F word on him.

    Think both of you should apologise to each other.

  2. Glad u liked it. I’m still reading – slow reader…

  3. Hey you read the actual book or the pdf? Haha..I finished the book and I quite like the entries too. I think sooner or later people are going to blog about the epilogue and saying why its like this. Haha.

  4. Yeah thank goodness the spoilers weren’t…. all true. I haven’t finished yet, but hell I’m superglued to it!

  5. Actually, to clarify, the so-called “retard” is my bf. Like what DK said, you should apologise to him.

  6. Wishbone: I think he should also apologise to Daphne.

    Like what Miss Universe always say “…. and world peace!”

  7. DK is right, both parties should apologise then we can have world peace! Or a Botak Jones Burger

  8. DK: well he didnt reall apologize. but yeah i won’t call him that anymore.

    mic: u wil get to the end lah. and it wil b worth it! πŸ™‚

    kenneth: the real book, of cos! i cldnt have sat in front of the computer while running errands mah.. haha.. besides, i prefer holding the real thing in my hands.

    farinelli: jia you! hahaha..

    wishbone: i’m sorry – didn’t know that. i’m sorry for calling him that and for using the F word. i still maintain that he really shdn’t have, though. sorry i made u feel bad abt it.

    adrian: lol. i tink world peace doesn’t exist. so let’s have a botak jones burger (after i apologize) haha πŸ˜‰

  9. @incywincy
    Apology accepted. There wasn’t any need for me to make any announcement until this happened. I didn’t feel bad. I felt devastated. DK, I don’t wish to jeopardize my relationship again so, I shall apologise on his behalf.

  10. And so we got world peace…. and botak jones on Arzhou!! YIPPIE! THX YOU BOSS! πŸ˜€

  11. yay! thank you arzhou!!
    so when are we claiming our botak jones burger? haha…

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