Posted by: incywincy | July 20, 2007

Blogging for Me, Myself and I

It’s been a long time since I blogged for myself. Since joining, most of my blogs have a specific topic or theme; I blogged for an audience. But I was never this way, actually. Haha. I blogged for myself, and only myself. I would tell people who leave stupid comments to f.o. if they didn’t like my blog.

I first noticed this change when Paddy posted an entry titled, How has changed the way you blog? And then BB mentioned it to me, too. Ho ho.

Anyway, enough of for a while.

I woke up pretty early today – it’s dimsum day with Mom and Elaine! Yup, Laine’s home from Scotland, and she’s here for only 2 weeks, so it’s like a mad rush to do everything she needs to do, and eat everything that she wants.

We ate quite a fair bit this morning, but the total bill (with drinks) was only RM25. Pretty reasonable. Hehe. I love food! And since my sis is back, I can take this opportunity to go eat yummy food too *ngek ngek ngek*

Other than that… since the exam on Monday, I’ve gone to the library to get 3 books by 3 of the inexhaustive list of authors that I like:


Haruki Murakami’s Kafka by the Shore
John Katzenbach’s State of Mind
Jodi Picoult’s Keeping Faith

Finished Keeping Faith just a day after my exams, and am now on to the other two books (yes, at the same time, haha). I love the libraries in Singapore 😛

I guess I’ve not been doing much else except read, sleep, and eat. Oh yesterday Laine and I went brisk-walking at the park (wanted to jog but we felt abit lazy ho ho ho). I’ve been rather bored at home, which explains this extremely pointless blog entry.

I miss my BB! 😦

Dum dum dum dee dee dum. *drums fingers on table*

Oh, tomorrow I’ve got many many errands to run!

  1. Run to Sim Lim Square to upgrade Elaine’s T42 RAM which is currently a pathetic 256MB haha! I really cannot imagine how she has survived with it. Well I guess she was a low-end user in the past, but now she has become slightly more tech-savvy and therefore needs a bit more RAM haha! Elaine needs a headphone/mic set too.
  2. Buy a portable external HDD for my eldest sis, Doreen. She says that the packaged one is selling at RM300 for 80GB in KL, but I checked online at hardwarezone and found that Sim Lim has 80GB ones for about S$100. Any cheaper sources? Is my source right?
  3. Collect my exam results! My course coordinator told me that the results of one of my subjects is out already (Employee Relations). I guess the rest will come next week. But I’m too anxious to know the results for this module. So I might pop by school tomorrow. It’s near Sim Lim anyway.
  4. Go collect the highly anticipated final book of the Harry Potter series! Yahooooo!! I’m super duperly excited, though Elaine will get first dibs on it (because she is flying back to UK soon). It’s fine by me anyway, cos I know she reads fast. Haha.

Okay, hope I didn’t miss out anything. I’m so bored… Yes.. Please entertain me now.


  1. /me dance around the comment box

  2. elaine’s back 😀 but only for 2 weeks 😦

  3. pssst… missing one more little thing in the list…

  4. yup i forgot to write that im supposed to go n book air tickets for my father. haha 😛

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