Posted by: incywincy | July 18, 2007

We should ban retards from even existing

After the disappointing Harry Potter movie experience last Friday, I was really looking forward to the release of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book this coming Saturday.

However, some random idiot whose opinion no one cares about had to just announce on the shoutbox who was it who got killed off at the end of the last book.

Damn it! Pissed me off to no ends. I think people should stop being so irritating and selfish, to announce the ending of books or movies that they have watched (or read the spoilers about) when all they actually want is to just show off that they know.

Seriously. Who gives a flying fish about what they know or think?

Thankfully for all my friends who read this blog, I’m not going to announce the ending here, because I don’t want to spoil the experience for you, although some idiot already announced it to me.

Do you know how pissed I am? I waited so long for this book. And I was anticipating it with such trepidation. This book concludes the entire Harry Potter series. And it is a permanent ending. Now, my experience reading the book will be reduced by some 50 per cent, thanks to someone.

People should really wake up, and realize that spoilers are never welcomed. Retards.


  1. Chill….. Hey… maybe its fake 1 leh. How are we so sure that the one that has been leaked out on internet is real?

    Anyway, even if it is true, its still alright. Its just a small info about the ending. Isn’t the main story more important?

  2. Maybe the person just anyhow say? Don’t be irritated by the person. He MAY NOT know anything at all. Don’t give the person that much credit. For all you know, he was duped by the Internet rumours and all the time thinking that he knows?! LOL.

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  4. Some bloggers love to post such things and dupe others. So, there’s no need to be so heated about it. Besides, the fuel was added when it wasn’t even necessary to prolong the heat.

  5. DK, cobaltpaladin, wishbone: ya maybe it’s fake. but whatever it is, i still think that the whole idea of going around announcing spoilers is just wrong!

  6. That’s a really mean mean person…

  7. I am generally neutral as far as Harry Potter is concerned. But that guy’s attitude was annoying.

    ” Only 2 people are angry here. ” was one that ticked me off the most.

    I am tempted to ask.. so if I stab you twice and you are only bleeding from 2 places but not dead, it’s alright I stab you some more?

  8. i heard that the leaked is fake..

  9. Dun let retards get to you la, those ppl are just annoying brats anyway.

  10. I have a suggestion.
    Use a magic wand and burn them!
    Burn them! BURN THEM ALL!

  11. SLAP that person!!!

  12. Jayson sounds like a bright wizard from warhammer :p BUUUUURRRNNNN

  13. I just don’t get it why people are reposting these so-called spoilers in their blogs that they got from somewhere else. And I suspect they aren’t even fans in the first place.

  14. mic: i agree!

    xizor: that’s a gd one! u shd have said it lah.. wasted. hehe..

    slyv: i hope it is!! if it’s not, i wil kill someone when i finish reading the book…

    arzhou: he totally spoilt my mood. but ya i agree.. i shdn’t let him get under my skin! haha i tink i just lost it for a moment there.

    jayson: erm. i have no magic wand. u go burn, ok?

    malique: would love to!! haha.

    woonder: they jus wanna show off that they know, that they read many blogs onlnie? i guess.

  15. OMG Daphne I also got spoiled la wtf. Stupid idiots posting it and unsuspecting people like me clicking on it (it’s your fault whether I’m stupid or not to click on the link damn you…).

    So sad. I tio stunned after I saw the list of deaths.

  16. […] let’s just say that the retard’s spoilers didn’t spoil my read at all. I was completely truly fantastically satisfied with the ending. […]

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