Posted by: incywincy | July 16, 2007

We Finally Transformed!

0230 Finish reading Haruki Murakami’s Wind Up Bird Chronicle, sleep
0510 Wake up, shower, get dressed
0530 Breakfast
0605 Board bus to Singapore
0615 Legs start to ache because I have to stand
0710 Reach Jurong East
0720 Board bus 66 to school, fall asleep on bus
0820 Wake up and find that I’ve missed my bus stop
0825 Take MRT from Farrer Park Station to Little India
0840 Reach school, revise for HR Information Systems Exam
1000 Exam begins
1300 Exam ends, and I feel like I’m in a daze
1330 Accompany Xin for eyebrow trimming at Bugis Village
1410 Head towards City Hall by MRT
1415 Shop around with Xin at Raffles City
1445 Elise arrives, we have lunch at The Soup Spoon (Raffles City B1)
1530 We leave the restaurant with stomachs 2kg heavier and walk around
1700 Xin and I leave for Tampines while Lis goes home
1730 I meet up with Gerald and BB
1735 I get movie tickets for Transformers
1740 The boys have dinner at 避风塘 (Century Square B1)

Some pickled vegetables appetizer

小白菜 (small white vegetable? haha)

Claypot beef brisket with carrots

Gerald’s roasted duck la mian

BB’s Seafood fried noodles

1810 We finish dinner and pay the bill. No Service Charge! 🙂 $37.34 in total
1815 We head to Century Cineplex, which is really cold (and we got frozen)
1820 The movie begins. Yay!
2045 The movie ends! We love the movie! We love Transformers!
2050 We love Optimus Prime! We love Bumblebee! Buy supper at Macs
2052 We head to bus interchange, and take bus 81 back to Pasir Ris
2057 We are still talking about Transformers through SMS
2125 We reach home, and I am still thinking about Transformers
2200 Showered, eat one quarter of a watermelon, feel like I’m full of water
2230 Whine about feeling full. BB downloads Transformers desktop wallpapers
2245 I decide to blog about my day. And about Transformers
2255 I am thinking that Transformers is the best movie of 2007!
2256 Have decided that Harry Potter can go and kiss his own ass
2310 I love Transformers 🙂
2315 I finish blogging. And I am still loving Transformers!


  1. ha babe…sorry i wasnt able to join u gers todae~ free on wed/thurs/fri? i’ll be starting work nxt week…doing e medical examinations & stuff tish week…lotsa admin work…=(

  2. yea.. watched it on pc last night, it makes me wan to watch in cinema!

  3. if you like Bumblebee, you should get the toy figures..
    got 2 versions, ‘piece-of-crap’ camaro & camaro concept.. =)

  4. hahaha…harry kiss his own ass….i like that. hahaha

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