Posted by: incywincy | July 11, 2007

The Best Way to Lose Weight #562

Just heated up my own dinner and ate it. Mom cooked a whole load of food (which I can’t finish) and freezed them for me to eat during the two weeks that she is away. Anyway, tonight’s dinner consists of seasoned vegetables with pork, bak kut teh soup, and boiled cabbage (erm, the boiled cabbage is because this Kitty is too lazy to stir fry the vegetables).

When I stay over at BB’s place, I’m also too lazy to eat because I have to walk about 15 minutes to the nearest food centre, thereby resulting in my skipping meals often (oops).

And today when I went to school, my classmates (most of whom have not met me for the last 2 weeks) said that I lost a bit of weight! Haha!

So, all you pudgy ladies and gentlemen out there, here on my blog, I present to you…

The best way to lose weight #562: Send your kitchen-loving mother on a 2 week holiday!


Okay, I’m just bored. I am studying for Friday’s Stats exam, when all I really want to do is to rush out to the nearest mall to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And I am down with sore throat, cough, and a slight fever. Give me some love! 😦


  1. babe! get well soon! u can do it! aza aza fighting!! =)) n eh, even though ur mum’s away, ur still eating well mah! haha when i was in the hostel, my mother’d cook food n put them in tupperwares for me to eat during the week too.. haha i love. =D

  2. Ok, you can stop being bored because I tagged you on my blog so you have to do a meme. Haha. Anyway, hope you get well soon. Must rest well and take care! I hate the feeling of being sick, so I empathise with you. *pat pat* *hugs*

  3. *smoochies*

    Er, if my mum is not at home, I skip my meals too 😛

  4. food is.. like.. one of the frivolities of life.

    lol. who needs food when we got ping/internet…? hahaha!

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