Posted by: incywincy | July 7, 2007

The Day Is Finally Here!

It is 070707!

Happy Birthday to my good pal of 9 years, Selena! 🙂 Although we have all not been celebrating birthdays together in recent years, you all are definitely in my heart all year round! (heart)

Happy Birthday to! And to all people, see you at Geek Terminal, 4pm today! 🙂


  1. haha! thanks daphne =) you’re in my heart all year round too! whether i like it or not -blink- haha thanks again, and i’m glad we’ve met up more often (sorta) this year (msn conversations/smses count too?). haha hope ur having fun at e birthday bash =D

  2. daphne … your profile picture can make bigger?
    my old man eyes cant see your face clearly …

  3. jayson: why do u need to look at my photo?!

    i know u want to see if i’m really the person in the photo, right? cos i looked different on saturday, rite? hahaha. it’s me alright.

    haha it’s here.

  4. hahaahha…thanks for that totally hawt link.
    You look better in person!
    and a sweet voice to accompany with ….

  5. jayson: wahh! *blush blush* ok i’ll stop talking abt ur haiku-writing skills hahaha.

    ok. out with it. that was just a ploy to stop me talking abt ur haiku-writing skills, right! hahaha 🙂

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