Posted by: incywincy | July 5, 2007

Plug for

This weekend is’s first birthday celebration, and I’ve been given the honour to present one of the blog awards for Most Entertaining Post! I’ll be presenting this award with Sheylara aka Qiaoyun. I’m going to feel so dwarfed standing next to her, because she’s got such long legs. Oh no 😦

Anyway. The contenders for this award are: EastCoastLife, Veron, dk99, Uzyn, and Kevin. (Click on the names to read the nominated entries)

Right then. I’m excited about this anniversary party! Haha! Because it’s the first online community gathering that I’ll be attending, and although I’ve been at only a month or less, I’ve met many wonderful people, and I really am looking forward to meting them in person on Saturday! I’ll be attending with BB.

If any of you bloggers out there are interested increasing the hits on your blog (ahem, good for Nuffnang/Advertlets users) and in meeting people of varied backgrounds and interests, do join and give us a shout at the super active Shoutbox! We talk about anything and everything, and especially love to discuss serious and frivolous issues, including:

  1. dk99‘s dubious sexuality
  2. Veron‘s yandao obsession
  3. the love triangles or scandals that tstar is involved in
  4. I Can Has Cheezburger!
  5. issues pertaining to NS, how people change (not for the better) after uni, etc.
  6. the hottest hawt-est guy on (Veron and I think Uzyn is hawtest!)
  7. and many many more crazy topics

Okay then, back to studying! 😦 Feeling sad about having to study for my Stats exam. Boo. Go join okay!

P/S: Sorry, Uzyn, this plug comes one year too late. Haha. But better late than never, right? 😉


  1. My dubious sexuality??? Nvm… I’ll proof to you on Saturday. 😛

  2. Hmmms @ DK …

    Daphne! Thats great that you are a presenter! Happy for you 😀 Are you excited?!

  3. have Veron solve the yandao puzzle yet?
    i am still curious…

  4. Awww… I don’t care about yandaos anymore. My heart belongs to just one.

  5. dk: hahahahahaha okay we’ll all be waiting for ur hawt bartop dance with uzyn. then we wil know FOR SURE that u r gay. not dubious anymore. lol.

    rinaz: no lah! where got excited. i kena sabo-ed to do this one lor. i vehemently objected but they stil put my name in!! but other than the part whr i have to present the award, im excited abt this sat party 🙂

    jayson: no lah haven’t. n i won’t tell her either! lol. she can guess all she want. cannot tell one lah this kinda thing haha.

    veron: who does ur heart belong to? dk? omgosh. is that a public declaration of love?!

  6. lol I’ll tell you who he is if you would tell me the identity of the yandao!

  7. is okayyy lets keep our secrets to ourselves okayy! hahaha

  8. […] to present one of the awards this Saturday. Cool or not? I’ll be presenting it together with cutie Daphne who loves the same things as […]

  9. Veron: Why not me??? 😦

  10. ur blog so cute….

  11. happy birthday ping! i’m proud to admit i’m the first few whom registered an account but ashame to say i havent been pinging. forget how it works. but i find my posts too bo liao to ping lei. hee..

  12. See you there 🙂

  13. thx thx daph!!! See you later today!

    LinDa, yes you are the first few users of You even helped me discovered a bug during the first few days of launch.

    Nothing is bo liao in We are more than happy to welcome one of our lao jiao back.

  14. uzyn : haha, yes, i remembered that BUG where the title got squeezed! hope you all had fun today. will start pinging again soon…after i re-learn the way. 🙂

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