Posted by: incywincy | July 4, 2007

Hawt Date at Basil Alcove!

I’m back from my hawt (word borrowed from Veron) date with my boyfriend. It’s our 15th month anniversary today. Yes, we still celebrate monthly anniversaries! Well, we don’t exactly go out of our way to do something uber special for monthly anniversaries. But, as I mentioned to some friends before, we don’t get to spend a lot of time together due to the fact that I live in JB while he lives in Pasir Ris (for now), so we try to have at least one ‘more-special-than-normal’ date each month.

Anyway, I really must say that this teaches me not to take time spent together for granted. Simple things make me happy already, so we don’t have to plan elaborate dates or nights out. A simple dinner followed by a stroll around the place or a picnic with sandwiches by the riverside is equally fulfilling as an elaborately orchestrated date consisting of a fancy dinner and whatever it is people do after fancy dinners (I’m not a fan of fancy dinners btw, because I actually if I go for a fancy dinner, I would have to dress up fancily, and Singapore is so hot that I just want to continue wearing my tiny denim skirts and cotton tops).

My point is, we should all learn to take pleasure in the simple things that we have in our lives. Sometimes, we are so caught up in pursuing material things, social status, etc., that we forget to stop a while and remember what it was like when things were less complicated.

Besides, relentlessly pursuing material-richness is so superficial. That’s just what I feel right now, though.

Right then, back to the main point! My hawt date! Haha!

We went to Basil Alcove, which was a fine-dining experience in a kopitiam setting (hee hee).

Basil Alcove
190 Middle Road
#01-07 Fortune Centre

It was really a hot date, I must say, thanks (or no thanks) to the hot weather in Singapore. Tables are set out along the sidewalk, while the chef’s kitchen occupies most of the space in the tiny shop.

It’s quite a strange but pleasant experience. Service wasn’t fantastic (it was a busy night for them), but the food was really good. Cars drove past on the stretch of busy street where Basil Alcove was, and we were just chatting about work and some other stuff that I don’t remember (I rarely am able to recall contents of conversations, but some information gets stored away for future retrieval haha). We were served lemon-flavoured iced water, and our food arrived in about 20 minutes (pretty good, considering only one chef was at work, and all the tables were occupied). By the way, I loved the lemon-water, because it had a good amount of lemon juice in it! I hate it when it tastes like they put half a teaspoon of lemon juice into a one-litre jug of iced water! One gripe though, is that the server did not refill our water. Okay! Moving on to the food:

BB’s Bratwurst Sausage with Balsamic Onion and Dijon Mayo

The bratwurst sausage was really succulent and bursting with flavour! I could taste the smoked flavour, which I loved, and the dijon mayo complemented it perfectly. There wasn’t any onion taste, which was good, because I hate onions. The dish was presented very prettily, as it would have been had we dined at a classy restaurant (with aircon). Haha, okay, I’m just harping on the fact that they didn’t have aircon! But I guess that all contributes towards bringing the price down. BB complained that the serving was too small (but that’s only because he was starving)

Cost: $8.80 nett
Rating: 4 out of 5

My Shrimp Pasta with Orange and Basil Sauce

I absolutely love this dish! There was a generous serving of shrimps (we counted 10 whole shrimps), which were fresh and cooked just right. The pasta was baked with an equally generous topping of cheese (not sure what kind of cheese that was), and I could smell the ever so slightly burnt cheese when the server first placed the dish in front of me. Lovely smell! The pasta was cooked to perfection, just slightly more than al dente, which really pleased me. There was a sweet and fragrant sauce for the pasta. I could taste a hint of orange, and lots of basil! The sauce was slightly creamy but not in the jelat kind of way. Serving was just right to share, but for girls, it might be a tad too filling to finish.

Cost: $8.80 nett
Rating: 4.5 out of 5!

I’d give this restaurant an overall rating of 4 (minused some points for non-aircon, and the none-too-attentive servers), but the food is really worth going back for, perspiration and all. 

After dinner, we decided to skip dessert because BB had bought Taiwan mangoes, and he was feeling stuffed already. We took a stroll back to Bugis, and then rode the MRT back to Pasir Ris, and then took another short walk home. We’ve not been taking Bus 359 recently, and I can’t say that I object entirely, because walking is good for digestion!

I must say that I love living in the east! Somehow, the air seems cleaner here, it seems nearer to town, and of course, it’s much nearer to my school than Boon Lay is. Haha.

The end of my hawt date night! Looking forward to the next! 🙂


  1. u get to spend ur anniversaries together. i dont. booo…

  2. Very hawt date! I love that you can see and appreciate the little simple but wonderful things in life. Very sweet of you!

  3. Its not a HAWT date if your bf dun look like DK :p

  4. gerald:u wil get to spend the rest of ur lives together (in UK hopefully) so what’s a few monthly anniversaries?

    veron: often, the simple, non-frivolous stuff are better (and i’m not saying this only because i currently cannot afford a lavish lifestyle ha ha ha ha…)

    arzhou: eh this saturday if u see someone wearing a name tag with the name adam zhang and walking towards you with a hammer, u better siam ok. cos that is my BF n he gonna hantam u for saying that he is not HAWT. lol.

  5. hawt sia!!

  6. malique: of course la! i’m hawt what. hahaha. 🙂

  7. so sweet 🙂

    – xinyun

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