Posted by: incywincy | July 3, 2007

Great Service Equals Loyal Customers

Finally I’ve found one redeeming factor about my country (after slamming everything else about it). And it’s no other than….

Okay, I know that they’re not a Malaysian product/brand, but really, their service is examplary!

The first time BB and I ordered from Domino’s, the delivery guy came within the specified time frame (30 minutes) and it was raining too. Plus, he was really polite, and he even repeated our orders to us, to make sure that everything is correct. If I’m not wrong, he actually said something like:

“Hello, these are your piping hot Domino’s pizzas. You’ve ordered one regular ___ and one regular ___. Thank you for your order, and we hope you enjoy your meal!”

Wow! BB and I were so impressed! Hehe!

Today, I was studying, and suddenly just craved pizza. So I called Domino’s again.

The delivery arrived late this time, about 45 minutes after I made my order. But he was still very polite, so I chided him in a joking manner,

“Eh, why you so late? I hungry until wanna die already!”

He immediately began to apologize, and told me that there was a lack of riders tonight. Yes, yes, same old excuse, we’ve heard that 1000 times. But what made the difference was that he was really very polite, and he apologized about it.

Then he said,

“Really sorry that I was late. Here’s a voucher for your next order.”

Okay lah! I admit I was bought over by the voucher! But hey, this is what I call good service recovery! If you make a mistake, you have to apologize, and then take steps to rectify it. As the website says, it is a concept foreign to many businesses.

Aiyah, my point is, at least Malaysia got one thing that we boleh… Domino’s great service! 😀


  1. eh, i love domino’s too! n they have so many good deals! esp online haha.. every time u order online u get smth free 4 e nxt order =D n malcolm always eats a LOT, so we always get e 3 large pizzas for rm55 deal.. haha worth it i think =)

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