Posted by: incywincy | June 30, 2007

Depressed, Tonight

I guess I’m not in a good mood tonight. The family is flying off to Europe for 2 whole weeks in about 20 minutes, the boyfriend has gone off to bed early even though we’ve only exchanged less than 200 words the whole day today. I feel so lost and lonely all of a sudden.

I know I shouldn’t whine because afterall, it’s no one’s fault that I have exams in 2 weeks. I know I should be more understanding that he had a long and tiring day out today.

But I still feel sorry for myself. And worse of all, I’ve got to work another 13 hours tomorrow. Sure, the money’s good. But I do feel tired, doing the same thing, week after week after week.

Let’s hope that tomorrow night will not end with another one of these:


I cut my finger last weekend while removing a SIM card from it’s original packaging (it was fixed on a namecard-sized hard plastic card). Yes, I know. How stupid. But I really did. When I got home, I removed the plaster, and it started bleeding again promptly.

No more ‘bloodshed’ tomorrow, please.

I miss my boyfriend. I need some tissues. Now.


  1. I saw this post on Came by to lend a ear. Hope the sense of loneliness and lost would not be so strong soon.

  2. you do have lotsa khakis @ yeah? next time I bring one whole gang over for supper lah… rofl

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