Posted by: incywincy | June 29, 2007

Going to Europe?

The family is finally starting on their Europe trip tomorrow night. Finally, after months of planning, hours of sitting in front of the computer while researching, and countless changes made to the itinerary. It was exhausting – for me. I did it almost singlehandedly!

And the best part? I don’t get to go. Boo hoo hoo! 😦 The dratted exams. Bah.

They’ll be away for 2 weeks, enjoying London, Paris and Scotland, while yours truly will be home alone wrecking the furniture studying for my exams (they’re on 11th, 13th and 16th of July).

But I really want to do well for this semester’s exams. I’ve put in a lot of effort for the projects and tests this semester, so I’m determined to do well. I will start studying on Monday, cos I will be working on Sunday.

Anyway. If any of you want to plan a Europe trip, here are the things you will need:

  1. Lonely Planet Western Europe
  2. Best European City Walks and Museums 2005
  3. Travellers’ Point Forum (for advice with seasoned travellers)
  4. Hostel World (for budget stays)
  5. Zuji (for air tickets)

Okay, let me go back to burying my head under the pillow, and crying. Boo.


  1. Get a copy of Timeout London and Timeout Paris when your family get there..

    Lots of most current info of places to go and what’s on. I survived on that, plus lots of other guides 🙂

  2. yeah they’ll get the guidebooks available locally when they’re there.. what i did was just the planning.. the rest, they’ll have to survive on their own, find their way around on their own.. hehe.

  3. I dont use zuji, I use klm instead 🙂 Booking a flight directly with the flight is cheaper than using an agency 🙂

    Anyway you’ll go to europe, I am sure *pat pat pats*

  4. rinaz: but many-a-times, agencies like zuji have online promos! so that works out gd too. plus u can see which one has gd timing, better pricing, etc. thn u can go chk out the various airlines’ websites… thats better! hehe.

  5. I think wherever they go in UK, every place’s railway station will have the free guide book and Map for that place, and it stated all the important areas to visit, and all the hotel available…

    In UK, prior Booking might lead you to cheaper price… but in London, I don’t think can find any hotel cheaper than 40pound/night… Is better to choose the hotel around the tower bridge, and the cost might be cheaper… A one day unlimited travel for underground for friday,saturday and sunday (3 days for around 5~7pound, if the price din increase lo…)

    So sad to hear that you have to stay home, anyway… all the best in your exam…

    p/s: Now I need someone to tell me about Yokohama/Tokyo, I’ll be going there in 14 days time…

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