Posted by: incywincy | June 28, 2007

To people!

I have eyes when I’m not around! Hahahahaha!


Wishbone, you talk about me when I’m not around! You good. Bleah.

Anyway my point is, ranting is good! After that, leave it behind, and move on! Everyone needs to rant sometimes, to get out certain frustrations from their systems. 😉


  1. Like this also can blog ah? The history looks odd lei. Like not in sequence.

  2. Hmmm

  3. double Hmmm

  4. Triple Hmmm

    What we Hmmm-ing about btw?

  5. How come your shoutbox is upside down ah? I mean like latest shout at the bottom.. not top.. :S

  6. hahaha i reversed it lah!! 😀

  7. How u reverse it? Don’t tell me photoshop cut n paste hor.

  8. dk: no lah. i not that high tech. HAHAHA. i use word doc, take screen shot, stuck it in MS paint, thn cropped it, n saved as jpg.

    pls lor! wanna go out in a rush already, stil wanna wait for photoshop to load, save as psd, then save as jpg? tsk. short cut okayyy!

  9. lol

  10. This is chim.

    So guess I can’t believe everything that I see online nowadays..

  11. lol

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