Posted by: incywincy | June 27, 2007

I Don’t Mind Being a ‘Yes’-Woman

… for my BB.

While at my boyfriend’s place last night, I helped him clean up the room a little by vaccuuming the floor. I also cut the strawberries that we had bought, to eat with ice cream for dessert, when he asked me to. The biggest surprise came when I actually agreed to wash the plate and the bowl, without complaining.

  1. In the past, I had quarreled with him before, about vaccuuming the floor. This time I actually volunteered, when we reached home after dinner.
  2. I never liked kitchen work, not even cutting fruits.
  3. In the past, we both used to push the responsibility of washing the dishes, back and forth, after each meal.

I realized that I’ve indeed, changed, albeit in a small way. Maybe after our recent troubles, I’ve come to treasure the relationship more, and have come to desire peace even more.

And I also don’t mind doing things for BB now because I’ve realized that I’ve been taking and taking. I’ve taken for granted all the times when BB did things for me, when he gave me gifts, paid for things for me, cooked for me, spent time with me, and tolerated my moodswings and bad-tempered nature.

Although I usually sound like an independent, modern sort of woman who won’t take it when asked to ‘obey her man’ (and I’ve said so numerous times), I’ve also realized that when it comes to the person you love, it’s a whole different story.

I’ve never been good at household chores or remembering trivial things at home (my mother can swear to that), but that doesn’t mean I won’t put in my best when I have my own family. It also doesn’t mean I won’t be a good housewife in future. People learn, right?

Okay, this blog entry has come out sounding very clumsy and pointless. But it’s just a revelation that I wanted to note.


  1. Wah…. so sweet!

  2. now those are some goodlookin’ strawberries.. haha eh, ur turning domesticated. if u ever feel like washing more dishes, wanna pop over to my place? -blink- i’ll bake smth nice for u? =D haha cant wait 2 meet up!

  3. DK: thank you, i always sweet one. 😀

    sel: those strawberries took countless shots, plus some photoshop work. hahaha! n im NOT turning domesticated. my mom wil laugh her head off if she heard u say that! haha. n eh… log on soon so i can plan!!

  4. nice…. love is a powerful thing 🙂

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