Posted by: incywincy | June 23, 2007

Why I Switched to Singtel Prepaid

Tomorrow is work-day again. Feel so horrible, because every Sunday I have to work for 13 hours. It’s a Singtel assignment, the same one that I’ve been working for, for the past few months. I was originally stationed at Boon Lay bus interchange, but now I am at Taman Jurong (Yuan Ching Road) Sheng Siong Supermarket.

I’m promoting Singtel’s prepaid cards now. BTW, I’ve made the switch over to their prepaid card. My post-paid is no longer in use, so please get my new number from me if you haven’t received my email!

Why the switch, you ask?

1. I am unable to control my spending, and my bill always amounts to a lot – so much so that after paying the bill yesterday, I am broke again (and it is 2 weeks away from pay day)

2. With prepaid, I can monitor my spending, and check the balance any time by calling *139#, even when I’m overseas! (free service)

3. I am now using Singtel’s HOT$100 prepaid card, which costs $28, but gives me a $100 value. Basically, $72 is for local calls and SMS, while $28 is for global calls and SMS.

Calling rates are:
$0.16/min during peak hours (Mon – Fri, 8am to 7.59pm)
$0.08/min during off-peak hours (Mon – Fri, 8pm to 7.59am, and whole day on Sat/Sun)

SMS rates are:
$0.05 per local SMS
$0.15 per global SMS

Free IDD countries (019+country code+area code+phone number):
Malaysia, HK, Brunei, China, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Canada, Bangladesh, Thailand, USA

4. With my previous Singtel student plan, I paid $25.20 + $5 (caller ID – not free! $%@*!^@$!!) and I got:

1000 SMS (worth $50)
100 minutes talktime

With this prepaid, even if I use 1000 SMS (costing me $50), I still have $22 for local calls. Let’s say I use all my minutes during peak hours. That would mean I’d get 137.5 minutes. If I use it during off peak hours only, I’d get 265 minutes! And the best thing is that the value can be used for anything you want – SMS, calls (off peak or peak), MMS, anything!

5. On top of that, I get to have $28 for global calls and SMS, so that I can keep in touch with my Dad, eldest sis (Doreen), and younger sis (Elaine)

6. The value ($100) can be used for 50 days, but if you top up within the 50 days, the value can be rolled over to the next month, and you can get another additional 50 days. But let’s say I finish it within 1 month, it’s still a good deal, isn’t it? $28 for a $100 worth! Anyway, my bill each month always exceeds the $30.20 subscription fee that I pay. With prepaid, I don’t have to worry about not being able to foot the bill when it comes, because if I have no money to top up, then don’t use lor! 😀

I’m just so pleased that I made the switch, because it was really stupid – I worked so hard for Singtel, and used the money to pay back my Singtel mobile phone bill. =.=” Really really really super retarded.


Well, in other news, I’ve been really busy for the past week, because I had two projects due. Just handed in the last one for this semester, on Friday (yay!) and now I am pretty much free! I’m gonna have my 3-week study break, and then it’s time for exams (boo)! I’ve really been working very hard this semester, so I’ve not been going out much either. Have not met up with Lis and XY for a long long long long long long time! I miss you girls!

Hmm. Presentation on Wednesday was pretty alright, except for PHG‘s parts. This is just a sample of what she said (quoted word for word, with her exact pronunciation cos I recorded it all down) during the presentation:

A manager and an employees must to decided wat kinda sheem tat der employees going on. Else they be messy and confuse, and HR not knowing what to do.

Erm. Did you catch that?

I was cringing throughout her whole presentation (10 minutes). How can anyone’s English be so bad? Actually what she means (I’m guessing here) is:

Manager and employees must decide upon the type of scheme that the employees will be on. (The next sentence was just completely redundant)

Sigh. Did she pass her English at secondary school? She is Singaporean, and the medium of instruction of her education for 12 whole years was actually English. I really wonder how she could speak like this during a presentation! I hope that the lecturer will not mark us down based on his inability to understand what she was rambling on and on about.

Anyway, other than that, everything else went pretty well. Was relieved when it was all over.

Oh, btw! It’s 3 weeks to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! And 4 weeks to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I am so super-duperly excited! July is going to be the best month ever for Harry Potter fans! Hee hee!

Anyone from interested in catching the movie together? 😀


  1. interesting. but people like me would be too lazy to change 🙂

    company corporate plan gives me 30%, so quite happy.

  2. i want to watch harry potter!!!
    but don’t forget to come for my musical!!!

  3. SHEEM.

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA… eh i love ur PHG stories =D and eh im on prepaid too! but planning to switch after i get a job coz of the calls lah i think.. eh but i never really understood that hot$100 thing.. nvm. will ask u when i see u haha..

  4. The good thing about signing a plan is the free/discounted phone and free incoming, so if you are making out going calls most of the time, prepaid is more suitable.

    In fact I should be using a prepaid plan now, very little phone usage nowdays, but I don’t want to change number.

    Swapped from M1 and there’s number retention service for my 6 years old M1 number. If I change now, both numbers will be gone.

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