Posted by: incywincy | June 23, 2007

Evening at Chinatown

Yesterday, BB and I decided to have dinner at Chinatown, instead of going to watch Surf’s Up, as originally planned. So we went to our usual place, Beijing Folk Restaurant (at 35A Keong Saik Road) and had our usual 3 dishes:

Shredded meat with spring onions with Chinese crepe

Seasoned vegetables soup with fatty meat and Chinese glass noodles

Shredded sour-spicy potato

Yums. If you guys want authentic Beijing food, do give this restaurant a try. Tell the lady boss that you saw this on SgChinese forum, and ask her for a 20% discount! 🙂 The portions are really huge, and for 2 persons, we paid $26, plus BB packed the leftovers to bring home for supper. Hehe. Like I said, the portions are really sooo huge!

After dinner, we took a long stroll – we ended up places that I never knew existed! Here are some photos:

ebay Singapore office!

 We were walking along, and then we stumbled upon the new 佛牙寺 (Buddha Tooth Relic Temple)! This temple costs S$53 million to build. *cue gasp*

Looks like something right out of a Chinese period movie, doesn’t it? (Minus the green ‘Sago Lane’ signboard, the dratted streetlamp which spoilt my picture and the red no-entry sign haha)

Pardon the low quality photos – I used my handphone (Vodafone Sharp 802-SH). I am also too lazy to select photos, so I am just going to dump the entire lot in here, mostly captionless.

On Level 4 (btw this temple has 2 lifts!)

Level 5 – The 10,000 Buddhas Pagoda

The walls around this place was just lined with these 10,000 Buddhas!


Orchid garden

Looking out the window – the CBD

We left soon after, and did not go to Levels 3 and 2. It was getting late!

Can you see the moon?

The entrance

After leaving the temple, we walked down the road and saw an Indian temple, and a mosque. Haha. Isn’t that strange? 🙂

We walked towards Raffles Place afterwards, and finally ended up at Raffles Place MRT, where BB headed east, and I headed west. Felt sad to end the night, cos I really had a good time strolling along the streets with BB, hand in hand.

Can’t wait for our next date 🙂


  1. huh? you mean you’re allowed to take pixs in the temple? i tot usually it’s forbidden…

    anyway, i like the last pix. its very well taken… the colors, the composition 🙂

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