Posted by: incywincy | June 17, 2007

Serene’s Graduation

Hmm. So much has happened in the last few days, and I haven’t really had the mood the blog. Shall skip all that, and focus on the happy things.

Thursday was Serene’s graduation from her Ngee Ann Poly’s Mass Communication course, and Mommy and I attended it together with her BF, Lik. I was the official photographer for Serene’s camwhoring endeavours on that day. So. Here are the photos! (Photos taken with BB’s new digital SLR camera, the Pentax K100D)

Lik and Mommy before the ceremony started

The bouquets of flowers. Serene was the luckiest graduate that day – she was one of the few to receive flowers, and definitely the only one who received 2 bouquets! Haha.

The Stage

Serene receiving her diploma on stage

And later began the camwhoring session outside, at the reception area. I can’t remember most of her friends’ names, so pardon the lame captions for some of the photos! Hur hur.

With her boyfriend, Lik

With Mom

With Lik and Mom

With Jenny the Ayumi Hamasaki-lookalike/wannabe

With Mingshan

With Maria

With Maria and Mingshan

With Jenny and Maria

With Guoyao (who is my the coordinator at my current job! Haha)

Some guy

Another guy

And some girl

Another girl – she commented on the nice colours of BB’s camera!

With her Media Law lecturer

With some other lecturer

With yet another lecturer

And another!

Group photos

Disrobed! Haha!

The mandatory Grad poster photos

OK! That’s about it.

We’re proud of you, ah bi! We know it’s been a long and arduous journey for you (with many sleepless nights spent pigging out on snacks while rushing for deadlines, many days and nights spent shooting films and whatnots, and of course, many tears shed when you got too stressed) so, Congratulations! You’re finally no longer living on our parents’ money! Haha!


After all that photo-taking (and my arms were sore from using the super heavy camera),  we cabbed our way down to Jurong Point. Serene and Mom spent like 30 minutes at Giordano, and managed to buy a lot of things. I didn’t buy anything!

Then BB came along (he was in NTU, meeting his Prof regarding some FYP matters) and we all trooped off to Billy Bombers, where Serene had her lunch (Mom and I already ate a little at the reception earlier on) and then BB and I shared a banana split.

I was very very very very happy 🙂


  1. Wow…. Din know that NP also have a graduation gown.

  2. ya lor.. why my time don’t have.. and why now they do until so nice har.. last time my was just a stupid banner lor..

    but times seems to fly, it seems like yesterday i hear u say she’s studying at ngee ann.. hmmm, do we know each other that long already???????

  3. DK: They just launched it this year! I think SP also have one now… Haha. You were born too early!
    Linda: Same goes to you! And yar… When mankind makes improvements, standards will increase too Haha! Hehe. I think I know you since I was in NIE year 1? Around first half of 2004. Hee hee!

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