Posted by: incywincy | June 17, 2007

Ring Ring Ring! Hello Kitty!

Mood:  (very very very very very happy!)

Not that I want to brag about this (I know that you all will be so jealous and won’t want to friend me already) but look at what has been added to my Hello Kitty collection!

A pink Hello Kitty Alarm Clock!

Isn’t it gorgeous?! I just love it! Hahaha! I know that you all must be super jealous now. Tee hee hee! But you can have a closer look at the face of the clock!

The 1974 Hello Kitty!

In case you all didn’t know, there’s a different Hello Kitty pose or style for every year since 1974! Haha! This page isn’t fully updated, I think. When I am free (after my projects are handed in) I will make a full list for you! Tee hee hee!

And if you wanna know exactly how big the clock is…


So big so big so big so big!! I like big Hello Kitty things! Haha. The bigger the better. And the pinker the better! Woo hoo!! *love*

I love it. Thank You, BB. I love you! And I love my new Hello Kitty Alarm Clock! Though I will never use it to wake myself up (because it’s loud enough to break eardrums within a 20 metre radius), I still love it and I will look at it everyday and make myself very very very happy. Hee hee!

All photos taken by BB using Pentax K100D

– end of bimbotic post –


  1. oh great.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAA. i know u want one too, but there’s only ONE available!! hahaha!

  3. does it come in black? i wan one for my new house..

  4. Noooo. Haha. Only pink. Hahaha. But it would look quite vintage if it’s in black or white, eh? 🙂

    I’m stil so happy with my new toy 😀

  5. I like.. it’s big enough for me to see without my specs.

  6. i like the quality of the photo!
    u used a dslr or something?

    *tries to ignore the kitty*

  7. malique, yah its a DSLR. under-rated DSLR. i think its quite gd. i used it to shoot for my sis’ convo also.. can see this. i like the colors! hardly need touch up..

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