Posted by: incywincy | June 11, 2007

Totally Out of Point

Wow, it’s been a week since I last blogged. I think I went into an overdrive and actually blogged 5 days in a row – hence the burn-out and lack of entries for the past 1 week. Hee hee!

Well, maybe also because I have nothing to blog about! 😦

Came across a blog entry by BlinkyMummy (whose blogs I read religiously because I love opinionated women with substance and she often discusses important issues) about “blogging crap“. She mentioned that someone commented on the quality of blogs in the Singapore blogosphere, because there were few blogs in Singapore that were Nobel-worthy.

Firstly, why do blogs need to be Nobel-worthy? If I’m going to be nominated for a Nobel, I don’t think my blog is going to be a qualifying criteria. A blog, to me, is a reflection of me, and also a record of my days on earth. So if it isn’t going to win a Literary prize, I’m fine with it! Haha. I’m happy writing my “Today I went to the mall, ate meatball spaghetti and ice kacang, bought a really pretty skirt with polka dots, and then went to meet my boyfriend for dinner!” kind of entry.

Actually I secretly think that people love reading such blogs about others because it gives them an insight to the lives of these people. Haha! I like it too!

Of course, one thing that I cannot compromise is the language aspect of blogs. Of course I don’t expect you to write perfectly with no errors like a journalist or novel author, but for everyone’s sake, at least attempt to grammatize your sentences! (Is there such a word, grammatize? Hahaha)

So I am a snob because of that, but I can’t help it – it just irks me!

Found the blog of a classmate the other day – let’s just say that I had to laugh out loud when I read it, because she wrote like a 12 year old instead of the 21 year old that she is. Waitaminute. I think I know 12 year olds who write better. Okay, so she narrates her life down to the details, the way I do sometimes, that’s fine to me, because I do it too! (Haha) Okay maybe I have something against her since the first time she flashed me her pubic hair (yes it’s true) because of her extremely low-cut jeans. Yea, so you are skinny and you can wear low-cut jeans but please shave if you want to do so because bushes are unsightly. Well, I don’t think she realised it, and I was too embarrassed for her to tell her about it. So she continues wearing those jeans.

Well, since I’ve completely lost the point of this blog entry, I might as well blog about some other classmates whom I cannot stand!

There is this couple in my class who, unfortunately (for me), are in my project group as well. First of all let me start off by saying that I think it is unhealthy for couples in the same class to be stuck at the hip with one another, and for that reason I never considered dating a classmate while we were in the same class (but I’ve dated 2 ex-classmates haha). Well. No prizes for guessing that this couple is exactly as described.

That is not the worst thing about them. The things I cannot stand about them are these:

  1. She is completely obsessively protective of her boyfriend
  2. She refuses to allow him to give out his phone number / email address to any one in class because most of the class constitutes females
  3. She also does not allow him to sit with any one else except her (even during project meetings)
  4. She doesn’t allow any of us to contact him for any project purposes, and we must go through her even if we want to verify anything about the stuff that he submitted (through her)
  5. During project meetings or small group discussions in class, they only talk among themselves and never share ideas with other members (not that they actually have ideas, I suspect, but anyway it’s rude to talk among yourselves when you’re supposed to have a group discussion)
  6. They always want to act damn high class and show off their alleged wealth in school. Carrying LV bags (dunno real or from Bangkok – I can’t tell cos I’m not so high-crass to have one leh) and other designer stuff

Well, the thing is that the boy isn’t even remotely good-looking, and I am uninterested in him because I am not attracted by low intelligence species (everytime during project discussion in Employee Relations, when you ask him what does he think of an issue, his answer will invariably be “Not sure leh… Never really think about it”). Ignoring the gross error of “think” instead of “thought”, it still irks me because every decent human being needs to have an opinion about actual newsworthy issues that don’t appear in the entertainment sections, “This Odd World” or some other freak-incident columns with barely 1-inch of news.

Anyway, I don’t know where she gets the idea that I (or other girls) are preying on her boyfriend. Ugh. And about point number 6, it’s not about what you wear or what bag you carry, but sophisticated people actually show it in their attitudes, the way they carry themselves, and their intelligence. Sad to say, you both are lacking in all the areas.

So, girl, don’t worry okay? You can keep your boyfriend.

Haha. I feel so good after letting all that out. But how did I go from discussing blog quality to slamming people? Nevermind…


  1. hey girl~! been quite some time since i read ur blog..or anyone else’s.. i particularly like this entry of yours..makes me laugh my heart out lor..well btw, i can’t stand couples like the one u mentioned above too..the girl being so overprotective of her partner until machiam all the girls (single/attached) are eyeing on her bf whom she thinks is the perfect one on Earth..Tsk! *rolls eyes*

  2. er i don’t know nuts about current affairs. does that makes me a low intelligent specie too?

  3. mel: its not abt not knowing abt current affairs. its abt not forming any opinion at all, even after they’ve heard abt the entire case study or watever.. lol 🙂

  4. […] When I blogged about Pubic Hair Girl here, my despise for her was only superficial (for her lack of good grammar and for flashing her […]

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