Posted by: incywincy | June 4, 2007


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Timothy recently blogged about this Korean song, whose video I’m sure every netizen has seen.

(With Korean and English subtitles)

I wanted to write about this song when I rewatched it because it suddenly struck me why it all seems so romantic.

Logical and rational people ask: “Why give both eyes? Why not just one, so that they both can see each other still?”

But that’s not really the point.

I think that the romanticism gets to me because of the huge sacrifice that the man has made for the girl. He felt that it was his fault she ended up blind, so he gave up everything he loved to save the girl he loves, and in the process, loses her.

Sacrifice – yes. We make them often (okay, maybe not the selfish losers out there) but how many of us can do what he did?

He gave up his sight, which was important to him as a photographer (his career) and a bike racer (his hobby).

Will you give up both for the one you love? Do you let your heart or mind rule?

Yes, I cried even after watching it the 72945th time.

Happy 14th month anniversary, BB. *love*


  1. hey daph, this mv brgs mack memories.. i blogged abt it too if you dun mind 😛

  2. The video made me cry 😦 So gan dong! First time watching it. Thanks for sharing (making me cry) 😛

  3. esther: i also copied the idea from someone else, so yep, hehe. saw ur blog entry on it already

    sek ling: ya! very gan dong rite! but my guy friend said: “why two eyes? coz she’d look weird with an eye patch?”

    haiz. he is so missing the point lah!

  4. i think the guy is bi. he led his gay friend on, but when he met this girl he broke the heart of that gay boy.

  5. hahaha i think so tooo!! 🙂

  6. u have to give two eyes. otherwise with one eye, pretty soon the person will not be able to correctly estimate how far away are the things he/she sees. its scientific….

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