Posted by: incywincy | June 4, 2007


Mood:   blessed

Here are the photos for the class outing at Secret Recipe, IMM. I’ve blogged about it already here so I shall just dump the load of photos in now. Haha!

Kianne, Peiyu, me and Crystal

Crystal and Mikeller

Yu and I – Hahahaha…

Kim Pern and Weiliang who is engrossed with his food

Me, KP, Lori, Sean, Dawn, and er, it got too small. I can’t tell.

Vincent (seated) and Zhiwei (standing) – beanpoles! Hehe.

Kianne and Peiyu

Celebrating Crystal’s Birthday

Creamy Oreo Cheesecake which just melts in the mouth!

Down the table!

Class photo, minus Soon Kwan, who was outside smoking camera-shy!
Uh, the waitress doesn’t aim very well, hence the off-centredness.

(Click for larger image!)


  1. Wow…
    So many people in this gathering…
    It should be fun!

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