Posted by: incywincy | June 3, 2007

A Friends-filled Saturday

Mood:   elated

I’m so happy! Just got back not too long ago from a day out at IMM.

Met up with Calyn and Linda, whom I’ve not seen in about a year, for lunch. We were at Cafe Cartel. Cal and I really stuffed ourselves with the gargantuan main courses they have at Cartel. La di da. Cartel service still sucks, but what’s new? We asked for a second menu (they only have one on each table) which never arrived. We asked for chilli sauce, which came about 15 minutes later (and it wasn’t even peak hour – it was past 4pm). And when our food came, it actually didn’t come with accompanying cutlery. Gosh. Not charging for service doesn’t mean that you don’t have to provide service! Bleh.

Anyways, we were all very late.

We agreed to meet at 1pm.
Calyn arrived at 1:40pm.
Daphne arrived at 2:45pm.
Linda arrived at 4:30pm!

Win. Haha!

Linda’s been really busy with renovations at her new place and stuff, and she had to run a thousand and one errands – meet designers, buy sofa, bla bla bla. But it was still a good few hours that we managed to squeeze out and catch up. Miss the girls – Cal and her blurness and cuteness and hammieness, and Linda with her excited talk that never ends. Haha.

Cal’s just graduated – Congrats to you, darling! Now you have to work ! As baffling as it is to you, well, you know that the notion of you working is also really amusing to many. Haha! But I’m sure you will find something you like (even if it’s at the zoo) and I hope you find it soon! 🙂

Cal and Linda left at about 6, and then, I had my PJC 01S01 outing! Woo hoo! I think this must be one of the most successful class outing ever! The previous successful one was at West Coast Park, where we had a class pot-luck picnic thing. I think some 19 people turned up out of 22 in our class. Hehe.

Today we went to Secret Recipe at IMM! (Our 2nd Secret Recipe outing! First was at JB City Square – hur hur) Anyway. 19 people turned up! Just for the heck of it, here’s the attendance list:

Me, Kianli, Kim Pern, Sean, Lori, Azhari, Chew, Mikeller, Dawn, Jianhui, Crystal, Zhiwei, Soon Kwan, Peiyu, Stephanie, Weiliang, Daniel, Chang Ci, and Vincent!

Alright, so we cheated a bit. This was a combined 01S01 class outing, with people from the Year 1 and Year 2 classes (we had to split after some people dropped subjects, and other people from the other triple science class came and joined us) but still, I think it was successful! We had so many people, and everyone had a chance to talk to everyone!

We also celebrated Crystal’s upcoming birthday. Had dinner bla bla bla. I didn’t eat dinner because I had such a late lunch. Haha! But that means one thing – without a full mouth, I can talk more, to more people! Hahaha! I love yakking with friends. Haha.

Managed to catch up with them all and find out what everyone’s doing or planning to do; a bunch of them just graduated – Congrats to Kianli (NUS Civil Engin), Peiyu (NUS Building & Real Estate) and Mikeller, Lori, Crystal, Geok Lin (who was absent cos she’s down with fever), Audrey (also absent) who just completed their degree from NTU Bio Science! 🙂 So happy for you girls! 🙂

A lot more happened during dinner but suffice to say, I am really happy to meet up with old friends again – although we drift apart after gatherings, it still feels good to catch up once in a while; keeps us rooted, don’t you think?

Pics to come later – I’ve got to go to bed now. Work tomorrow!


  1. “Me, Kianli, Kim Pern, Sean, Lori, Azhari, Chew, Mikeller, Dawn, Lori, Crystal, Zhiwei, Soon Kwan, Peiyu, Stephanie, Weiliang, Daniel, Chang Ci, and Vincent!”

    Hey, you left out Jian Hui and repeated Lori’s name twice.

  2. OMG. hahaha. sorry! i was too slpy la! n i counted 19 thn i nv check liao.. oops. n jianhui sent me home summore.. lol. i wil edit!!

    n eh why are u stalking my blog? i dint know tt u know abt my blog haha..

    Ey vincent.. leave me ur REAL email address in a comment leh. thn i can send u photos

  3. […] Here are the photos for the class outing at Secret Recipe, IMM. I’ve blogged about it already here so I shall just dump the load of photos in now. […]

  4. eh? that IS my real email address. But you can’t email anything there because I’ve set it to be only for MSN. You can add me on MSN and send it to me there.

  5. hahaa alright ive added u.. 🙂

  6. Oh, and I’m no stalker. I leave my real name, email and MSN. haha… just happen to know your blog from the other blogs.

    shhh… cannot let you know which other blogs I go to. 😛

    Anyway, this is my email address. Send me the photos. Thanks a billion!

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