Posted by: incywincy | June 1, 2007

Public Holiday!

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Yesterday, to celebrate Vesak Day it being a Public Holiday, BB and I spent a day doing stuff together. I really enjoyed myself because I got to spend time with him doing things that did not constitute rotting at home, sleeping, or cleaning up his room. Haha!

Our first stop was Tampines IKEA! I was telling him, I want this, that, everything, for our house next time. Haha. I think IKEA-ing with your significant other is just so fun! And you learn a lot about their likes or dislikes too. Haha. For example, I learnt that BB doesn’t like beds like this:


This happens to be the exact one I like, but he says that he doesn’t like beds with those ‘boards’ at the foot of the bed. But I like! He said that I have to cut two big holes for his feet to poke through. Haha.

I wanna have babies soon, so I can buy cute kids’ furniture. Haha.

Anyway, we saw something really cute outside the Cafe.


These ‘parking lots’ are for trolleys, but parents have used it, instead, to park their prams and strollers! Haha! Cute.

BB has the “IKEA syndrome” where he’ll want to buy everything he sees. Pans, table lamps, cushions, etc. I keep reminding him that he doesn’t “need” it, he only “wants” it. Haha. Actually I think most people have the “IKEA syndrome” when they go to IKEA. Haha!

We ended up buying only a picnic mat, and a cushion for BB’s chair.

IKEA doesn’t give out plastic bags (I applaud them!) with purchases anymore, so we carried our new stuff home (after we shared a small meal of a hotdog and a root beer from the hotdog place outside). BB used his new cushion on the MRT seat, on the way home. -.-“

(ETA: BB just told me that it’s not root beer. It was lemon tea with 7-Up, a mixture which sad to say, I drink very often but whose taste I still can’t recognize. Haha!)

We dropped by NTUC at White Sands on the way home, and bought stuff for our picnic! Bananas (which we forgot to bring later), lettuce, tomato (we bought only one, and the vegetable-weigher gave me a funny look), and honey-baked ham. Hehe. We also bought bak kut teh (肉骨茶) herbs and condiments (those that come in a packet) and pork ribs, for our proper dinner-cum-supper when we got home. Haha. Oh, we also bought a chicken pie and apple turnover for our picnic, from Cottage Pies at White Sands. I love the smells of freshly baked pies 🙂

Headed home after shopping, and then we watched Episode 1 of Heroes, and had a short nap. And then I prepared the sandwiches! And woke BB up.

And off we went… to Tanjong Rhu! Haha. This is actually behind the Singapore Indoor Stadium. There is a nice park there. It’s near Cosy Bay, if you know where. And actually, it’s quite near Dunman High School (BB’s old school)! Hehe.

Oh, we took a bus from the Interchange opposite Kallang MRT, and BB saw some birds sitting atop a bus. So he took some pics, which he said, were “better than expected” because the birds suddenly decided to fly off, and he managed to capture a picture of them during flight!

There is a bridge leading from the area near ‘Jumbo Seafood Restaurant’ to ‘Cosy Bay’. I like the bridge. It looks quite pretty. I think I’ve always liked bridges. Except the Causeway. Haha!

We met Nice Doggy #1 who scampered up to us.

And her owner.

I don’t remember this picture being taken. Er. Goldfish!

We then headed over to the huge “grass patch” and settled down there, watching dragon boaters training, people jogging past, the appearing-and-disappearing sun beyond the dark clouds, and people with their doggies.

Nice Doggy #2

And uh… Nice Doggy #3! Hahaha! Isn’t the girl cute?


I like these condominiums. Makes me wish I lived there too.

And finally, Nice Doggy #4. Who was really friendly.

And slobbery. Haha! She drooled on BB’s legs! Haha.

But she’s my favourite dog of all the ones we met yesterday! She has a big tongue. Haha. BB says its cos she’s big so she needs to lose more heat. Haha. She’s very friendly. Did I say that already? Hehe. Those people at the corner of the pic are her owners. A nice Indian family. I like this dog! Someone gimme a golden retriever too!

We went home on Bus 12 after that, and we passed by all of BB’s schools! Dunman High, Temasek JC, Tampines JC… Hehe. And also St. Patrick’s, which was BB’s hostel during his JC years.

BB cooked bak kut teh for our dinner. Yums. Hehe.

The people staying at that flat must think that I’m a completely useless girlfriend, because everytime BB cooks, I don’t help out. In fact, I’m the one supposed to be cooking, not him. But then, they also don’t know that not only am I a bigger hindrance in the kitchen when I try to help out, I also actually am a hazard in the kitchen.



  1. It’s grassland~ patch sounds so cheap…

  2. i refuse to call it a “grassland”! because a grassland, by definition, is:

    1. an area, as a prairie, in which the natural vegetation consists largely of perennial grasses, characteristic of subhumid and semiarid climates.

    2. land with grass growing on it, esp. farmland used for grazing or pasture.

    i know u wil argue with me based on the 2nd definition, so i have purposely bolded the important part for u.

  3. wheeeeee nice pictures! 🙂

  4. doggy#3….. -.-”

  5. maya: i like urs too.. whee~ looking forward to more outdoorsy outings!

    xiaoluo: damn cute right. hahahahaha.. i think her mom was training her to walk the dog. maybe nxt time she get to bring out the REAL dog. lol.

  6. i love the condos there too.. but freaking expensive lor.. got ocean view lei.. i’m so sick of ikea.. went there 3 times this week.. i went to tampines ikea for the first time last week and find the check out area with the towering highly stacked stuffs so impressive! :O but surprisingly, tampines ikea is not as well stock as their alexandra outlet as quite a no of things out of stock at tampines when i asked.. maybe got everyone goes there now lor (free parking?)..

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