Posted by: incywincy | May 31, 2007

Picturesque Places in Singapore

Mood:  (Inspired)

I feel so inspired now! Mariya just gave me an idea about where to go with BB tomorrow for our Vesak Day holiday date. She showed me photos that she took at that place, and they are really so pretty. I love her photos!

Anyway, I was looking through her entire collection of photos, and I am so in awe, because she’s gone to so many places in Singapore than I never knew existed! Haha! I have decided that I will bring BB to these places too, so that he can do the thing he loves – shoot photos! 🙂

Actually, instead of the first sentence of this entry, the correct sentence should be: I feel inspired for BB!



  1. Hello Daph-jie! Remember me? Daphne Tan and birthday on March 25th too! (I’m still in your links, hur.)

    Relink me, and let’s get updated about each other! [:

    PS: I think I’d saw you in JP once. =/

  2. *bows in gratitude*

  3. Daph: why are u always changing ur links? I can’t keep up!

    Maya: 🙂 i hope my readers like ur photos as much as i do.. heh.

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