Posted by: incywincy | May 29, 2007

Do You Really Want Me?

Just wanna share this song, which was quite a big hit when I was in (erm) 7th grade? Or was it 8th grade?

We even had a dance for this song (which my Filipino classmates choreographed all by themselves), which we performed at a school concert-event thing. I still remember my outfit: The super tiny/short yellow-white-blue checkered Sisley top which (eek!) totally bared my midriff (eh, I was much slimmer back then okay), and jeans. I don’t think I’ve worn as little on stage since then. Haha!

I digressed.

Tonight, I suddenly started singing the song in my head while I was on the bus, on the way home.

Well, enjoy the song, and ignore the singer’s dorky dance moves. Gawd. Didn’t someone teach her how to dance before she started shooting videos? And what’s with the Nick Carter hairstyle?!

ETA: I can’t really stand the sight of her. My recommendation would be to listen to the song without watching the video. Ha.


  1. HAHAHA her hair is.. and the clothes. hehe
    but i guess all these were cool back then..

  2. hey! msg u the other day, no reply!!! =(
    haha u have been having loads of fun yeah? u gg for sat’s 01s01 gathering?

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