Posted by: incywincy | May 22, 2007

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Mood:  (Bad mood – sad, worried, grumpy

Got back from the dentist’s not too long ago. My second dental visit in a week. Last week I went for some scaling, and to fill in a cavity. I had like, three.

Today I went to fill in another two cavities. Last week, when I did the scaling, the bloody rough dentist made my gums bleed. Yes. Have you actually heard of that? I think I bled as much as if I were to go for an appendectomy. It’s true. She isn’t the gentlest of dentists, which pretty much makes her a monster.

Anyway, because of the bleeding gums (literally, bleeding, no pun intended), I couldn’t fill in the other two cavities, and had to make another appointment for today.

Last week when I was at the clinic with Daddy, the bloody dentist told me that I need to remove two wisdom teeth, because my bottom right wisdom tooth was ‘impacted’. Then she showed me a picture which looked similar to this:

That’s pretty much how my wisdom tooth is growing. Except my wisdom tooth is growing even more horizontal than the one in the picture. When it pushes out, it will knock on my second molar, and that is why I have to remove it – cos my gum has no space for the wisdom tooth!

I’ve been quite obsessed worried about this minor surgery that I have to undergo, most likely on 23 June (gifts and flowers to make me feel better will be accepted, haha). It sounds so scary.

Wei Chiang has been telling me about it (he had four of his removed). Apparently the procedure (from what the dentist and Wei Chiang told me) goes like this:

  1. The dentist will give me Local Anaesthesia

  2. She will cut open my gum at the bottom right back part

  3. She will remove some bone around my wisdom tooth area

  4. She will use a pair of pliers to crunch the teeth into smaller pieces

  5. She will use another smaller pair of pliers to remove the pieces

  6. And finally she will suture my wound

  7. Then she will remove the top right wisdom tooth by normal extraction

Doesn’t it all sound horrid? I wish I could be under General Anaesthesia for 7 days, wake up just in time to remove the sutures, and have no pain!

I hate pain. I have very very low threshold for pain, and everyone knows that.

I hate dentists as much as I hate being in pain. But just now I tried to be nice to her, even though she is damn retarded:

  • When I neededo sneeze, she will chide me and ask me to hold it in cos she is trying to poke around in my mouth. Hello?! Can anyone actually hold a sneeze?!

  • When I winced and my body jerked slightly cos of the pain (she doesn’t clean out the cavities before filling them; she uses an excavator to dig a hole big enough to throw 200 fat dentists in – or it feels like that anyway) and she scolded me for moving. Hello?! If you’d stop digging around as if I have no feelings, I wouldn’t jerk away!

  • When I asked her how long the procedure would take, she said, “You need 5 days’ MC”. I had to repeat my question before she gave me the answer I needed: 1-2 hours.

Countless other incidents that I cannot remember. Anyway, despite my hatred for her (I will forever remember her horrid name – her initials actually spell out CAD, which really explains why she is like that), I tried to be nice to her in hope that she will be nicer to me during the surgery, and preferably give me enough LA and tranquilizers to knock me out sufficiently to not be able to know what is going on in my mouth.

Hello Kitty doesn’t even have a mouth – where to extract teeth from?


  1. i had my wisdom tooths (4) removed under ga.. hee.. explains why i’m kinda stupid now – no wisdom..

  2. hello kitty has no worries of wat wisdom teeth…

    i think mine is all over.. shd b..

  3. ouch!

  4. good luck babe
    tell urself it doesnt hurt. be brave!

  5. linda: u’re so funny.. haha.. ok u muz tell me more abt the extraction process ok.. i m worried n scared!!

    xiaoluo: haha u cant remember if u have grown ur wisdom teeth? lol.

    esther: sigh.. wanna take my place? haha.

    lis: no amount of self-psycho-ing wil make me actually believe that lor..

  6. yalo.. neva keep a record of their progress.. now lower end of left gum starts to swell.. i think mine grow in stages, start stop start stop..

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