Posted by: incywincy | May 19, 2007

This Post Finally Surfaced!

Mood:  excited! *bounce bounce bounce*

Yay! We are finally going to Escape Theme Park! Haha. After the botched attempt on BB’s birthday (they don’t open on weekdays), we finally get to go today! Haha. I’m now at BB’s place at Pasir Ris, waiting for him to finish work at 12 noon. Haha!

Okay, since I’m in a good mood, I shall blog a little.

Last Saturday,we had an shopping-and-makan outing to JB! By ‘we’, I mean Me & BB, Lis & Xun, and Xiangying & Junior and Jonathan (Junior’s godbrother). Woo hoo. I was super excited that I couldn’t really sleep the previous night. Ha ha ha. Left home pretty early, so I had to wait for them for a while at the JB immigrations. The queue was very loooong.

So I stood there, amongst the crowd, reading my book, Jodi Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes. I tell you, the book is absolutely chilling. What made it so scary was that it put into perspective the emotions and the chaos at the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings. What we have read in the news likely made us feel sorry for the victims and their family, but probably not much else. This book made me feel like crying while standing in a crowded place. That’s how ‘good’ it was.

Anyway! After about 30 minutes, all of them were out already, and we proceeded to get cabs to Aeon Tebrau City! Yay! Haha.

We first walked around a little, and then headed to this place called Vivo Cafe for lunch. The food isn’t good at all, so please skip that place if you’re even considering it! Haha! Some of the food we had:

BB’s uber sour apple green tea

Xun’s slightly sour lime sorbet drink, I think?

My very salty chicken lasagne

BB’s Fish fillet baked rice

Uhh. Some pizza. Haha!

And some non-food items:


Lis and XY shopped quite a lot on that day, but I only bought 2 things! *good girl* Haha! Here are my buys!

Girl dress with pink flowers from mna and cropped corduroy jacket from Padini!

Jacket was a gift from BB. Thank you BB! *muacks!*

Details on the dress

To see the some of the stuff that XY bought, click here. She actually bought a lot more. Haha! Lis bought blouses and work pants and skirts, but she didn’t post any pics. You can still read it here though. Okay! Happy girls! He he!

After that, we went to Plaza Pelangi! Haha. Shopped some more while we were there. Actually both my buys were from Plaza Pelangi. I forgot until I started typing about this part. So nevermind. Hur hur.

BB bought the Mont Blanc Starwalker EDT

I like it too!

Random photo which BB took (I dunno where it is)

After Plaza Pelangi, we headed over to Tebrau Hawker Centre for seafood!

Can you see the hot pink shirt? That’s Junior! Haha!

Sambal stingray

Drunken prawns, which were unfortunately, not too fresh 😦

Chilli crab, which were unfortunately, not spicy enough

Oatmeal crayfish and Butter crayfish! I like!

We also had baby squid but the photo is not here! And also 2 types of veggies.

Here’s what our table looked like! Haha!

I love the fried mantou.

Sad to say, this stall from which we ordered wasn’t that fantastic. Next time we’re going to try Hiang Kee! It’s supposedly the best one there 🙂

After the seafood feast, they headed back to Singapore, while I took a long and lonely bus ride back to Bukit Indah!

Okay! Moving on! The next day, I had to wake up at 4:45am to go to Singapore  Zoo for work. Yes, you read that right. It was for the May Day 2007 event at the Zoo, and Singtel set up a booth there to sell Hi-Cards and handphones.

To prove that I actually did go to the zoo:

White tigers!

At the entrance! Haha!

Work at the Zoo was horrible. Inexperienced staff, horrible weather (sunny, alternated with rainy weather) and horrible location and hours (we started at 8am). There aren’t any eateries within 5 minutes walking distance. Horrible! Was glad when we finally wrapped.

Got this pair of white Scholl sandals for Mommy’s Day

A bit clunky, but Mom says its super comfy!

Daddy came for a couple of nights, on Wednesday, en route to USA. He’s going for a conference. Dunno if he’s landed yet. But I think not. The journey had to be broken up because it was so long! Here’s an outline of his travel itinerary:

Surabaya to Singapore (stop over for 2 nights)
Singapore to Los Angeles
Los Angeles to Chicago
Chicago to Kentucky

On his way back to Surabaya, unfortunately, he has to fly the same route, but with no break in Singapore. He’ll be on transit for 4 hours at Changi, and then fly straight back to Surabaya.

While Daddy was home, we went out for dinner at this restaurant nearby. Food was okay, but nothing spectacular.


Salted egg fried crabs! Quite a unique taste.


Pork with steamed buns

End of our meal *stuffed tummies*


Last night, at BB’s place, I took photos with the neighbour’s cat, who strayed into our house! Haha! She’s super fat and furry and grumpy looking. I love her! Her body also very soft, and she lets you carry her and she doesn’t scratch. Woo hoo!

I think she looks like Piggy’s long-lost furry relative! Haha!

Okay! Now I really must go get ready to go out! Will blog about Escape soon!


  1. everything sounds so fun!! but i quite scare to go into jb now lei, like so dangerous.. u take care and be careful ok girl..

  2. haha its not scary n dangerous la! ure too easily affected by wat ppl say. besides. as long as u dont walk in alleys n backlanes, u’ll b fine. its the same everywhr wat haha..

    i live away from the city area, so its quite safe! haha.. pt is.. i feel safe in my own country. *shrugs*

  3. i love the cat!! so cuteeeee!!!!!

  4. haha.. it’s very weird that out of your entire long long entry.. i only love the pic of the cat.. hahaha..

  5. calyn: cos all the rest of the posts are abt food n er… random things. haha… n u love animals!

  6. i want a fat fat cat too!! and maybe the cat looks grumpy because she’s not comfortable being held like that.. you’re exposing her.. haha

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