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Many Birthdays in 1 Week!

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Blogging by order of Miss Lee! Hope you feel ‘entertained’ by this entry okay? Hehe! Well, I know I’ve been neglecting this blog. I’m just so lazy to blog! Too many things to blog about. Hehe.

I started school, attended the Singapore HR Congress 2007, made 2 new friends at school (Jasmine and Baoxin), went out with Lis, BB, Gerald and Leslie for dinner at Plaza Singapura, celebrated Mom’s birthday, started teaching tuition, celebrated BB’s birthday, and stayed at BB’s new room at Pasir Ris (he’s moved there because he has attachment there for the next 3 months, and Boon Lay is simply too far away!)

So. Because I am too lazy to blog in detail, here are some photos:

On BB’s last day of exam, we went out for dinner with some friends! Lis and I met up first, for some shopping and bla bla bla. The usual things that girls do in Orchard. Hehe.

Something really funny happened at Boon Lay MRT:

2 girls were going up the escalator at the MRT station. Let’s call them Clever Girl (CG) and Blur Girl (BG). Train was already at the platform. CG runs towards the train as the doors were going to close in about 10 seconds. After getting onto the train, CG suddenly realises that BG is not in the train with her. Meanwhile, BG was outside, wondering where CG went. CG looks out of the train door and realises BG is outside.

** Their eyes meet **

The train door closes, leaving BG stranded outside. And of course, CG had to get off the train at Lakeside to wait for BG.

The End.

No prizes for guessing that BG is actually Elise, the blur girl, who has indeed very slow reaction. She just stood there and watched me helplessly while the train door closed. I think she was shocked. Hahahaha! Super funny. Hehe.

Anyways! We went to the Sanrio shop at Takashimaya Level 3! I saw a Hello Kitty bag! I want it! Argh!! But BB said no! 😦 It’s really pretty.

Me, while waiting for the food Cafe Cartel @ PS

Lis trying to act as cute as me. Okay lah, pass! Haha!

Me again. Hahahah.

Lis again! Hahahaha

BB looks very sian (after 200 takes)

Lis, Gerald & Leslie

Gerald is feeling stuffed by all the food!

BB and me 🙂

We love Cafe Cartel bread!

This will go into museums one day. Muahahahaha.

Lis and me! It was damn difficult taking this shot cos we sat opposite each other.


On last Saturday, we (Mom, Serene and I) went to IMM! With BB too! Yay. We treated Mom to a simple lunch at Ajisen (cos it was her birthday the previous day).

Mom and Serene each had a Volcano Ramen!

My Cha Shu Ramen!

BB’s Veggie Ramen!

Serene and I shared this for Mom for her birthday present –

It’s the Lancome Blanc Expert NeuroWhite Advanced Clarifying Hydrating Milk (Made in Japan) 125ml/4.2oz which we bought from StrawberryNet (whose service sucks because of their Customer Service personnel, Kitty Wong – she’s damn rude. It also seems like she’s the only one on their team who is corresponding with customers – they should take her off!)

Anyway. After lunch at Ajisen, we wanted to head to Daiso to buy some little knick knacks for the home, but instead, we went to Lee Hwa (it wasn’t planned) and Mom ended up buying 4 diamond necklaces for us sisters. Haha! Gonna collect the necklaces tomorrow. Hehe!

And then we went to Daiso, of course. They have new Hello Kitty stuff! I shall go check it out. Ho ho ho.


Tuesday was BB’s birthday! Yay! I love my BB! Haha. But mushy declarations aside, I have to say that this year’s birthday surprise was not at all well orchestrated.

I intended to bring him to Escape Theme Park. Actually, we did go there – only to find the park closed on weekdays! *roar!* Do you know how frustrating it was? We were both so excited! 😦 But it’s okay, we’ve made plans to go next weekend instead! 🙂

So anyway, on Tuesday, instead of having fun at the Theme Park, we went to the Pool centre at Downtown East and played pool! I truly suck at it. Thank you very much. Haha. But it brought us great amusement – I lost count of the numerous times that I took a shot and the white ball hit nothing at all. Haha!

Anyway, no photos up till dinner time because we both didn’t have any cameras or any functional HP cameras with us on the day! 😦

After playing pool, we had Sakae Sushi buffet for lunch, and then went back to his room to nap! Hahaha. Quite loser-ish, but I will make it up to you, BB!

For dinner, we had steamboat at Beach Road with Justin! Yay! We spent both our birthday dinners with Justin this year. Hehe…

But we forgot to take photos with Justin again! Argh!! What is wrong with me! Bleh.

Hmm! This year’s special birthday cake made by Maya of LickTheFrosting! Thanks babe! The cupcakes are yummy and gorgeous! Look at the Bee she drew for BB! 🙂 I’m super happy with the cake. So you can say that I’m a very satisfied customer!

Vanilla cupcakes topped with cheese cream for my Birthday Bee!

The photos really do the cake no justice. It’s better than it looks! It just melts in your mouth. And the vanilla taste is strong (I like) without being overbearing. Plus, the sweet cream cheese is so fragrant. I just wanted to lick the frosting off all the cupcakes! Haha! Maya makes a multitude of different yummilicious cakes, so if you’re having a party, be sure to contact her for your cakes!

My Birthday BeeBee!

*I love you*

BB: Although your birthday surprise didn’t really happen, I will make it up to you okay! We’ll have lots of fun at Escape next week! I’m really looking forward to it! *muacks!* Despite all that, I still had a good time with you, because I simply love spending time with you.


It was also my classmate Trang’s birthday on Tuesday (so we celebrated it for her in class on Monday).

I like this semester’s class. Because everyone has pretty okay command of the English Language, it means that the lecturer can move at a pace that is non-glacial. Haha. Previously, because of the 3 Chinese girls, the lecturers went really slow. It’s not their fault, but it really bored me to death.

Okay! I think I’ve pretty much summed up the major events in the last one week or so. Haha. Or rather, that’s all the photos I have. Haha!


  1. yes!! i’m very easily entertained okay.. hahaha.. but you should have more pictures.. me loves pictures!! 😀 and finally.. i’ve found someone more blur than me!! hehe.. *looks at elise*.. but i think her reaction is damn cute.. you should have dragged her into the train what!! why you run in without pulling her in?!?

  2. how i know she wun come in with me! she was standing quite a distance away lah. so it was hard to go n pull her in. besides.. as our eyes met, the train door closed. so… hahahaha…

    ya. i think she is blurrer than u. wow. hard to find leh. i tot ure super blur already. hahahahaa!

  3. …..can we all pretend we din see that please.hahaha

  4. eh, stop writing entries as though they are primary school karangan lah woi. hari ini kita pergi ke pasar, lepas itu kita beli ikan, lepas itu, kita beli sayur, dan seterusnya kita balik rumah dan tengok tv.

  5. lis: ok lor.. we pretend.. haha.

    doreen: eh this is a journal ok. not a reflective blog.. hahaha.. its for me to remember things abt my life, my family n my friends, whn i’m in my old age! 😀

  6. haha.. there’s nothing wrong with being blur!! i associate it with being cute.. hahaha..

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