Posted by: incywincy | May 11, 2007

Hello Kitty is Sad

Mood:  OMGWTF?!

Was surfing Hello Kitty merchandise on eBay when I came across this item:

Hello Kitty Horoscope Condom (wtf?!)

Direct link to item’s page

On the page, it says:

Authentic and Brand New from Hong Kong. 2 Condoms in a pack. Different Horoscope has a leaflet inserts to tell you your little secret…..????? Novelty Item, not held responsible if you are pregnant with this as your contraception!

Together now…



  1. hahah.. hello kitty also like to have some fun sometimes. 😛

  2. so why’s hello kitty sad?

  3. becos she doesnt like her face to be on condom packs!!!

  4. sup?

  5. booo

  6. update lehhh
    pity this albino eyes elise who keeps coming online to check on ur blg, but ATLAS! daphne didnt update yet again!
    so disappointing.
    Shall we go for ice earl vanilla… v soon

  7. and im sick of the condom post. HAHAHAHAHHA

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