Posted by: incywincy | April 28, 2007

Monsters Fuel Nightmares

Mood:  Blessed

Met up with XY and Lis again today. It always puts me in a good mood 🙂 Met up with XY first, near her school, and we ate Selegie Tau Huey! Yay! It’s yummy. And after studying in our respective schools for so long, I finally realised how near her school is, to mine. Hahaha!

After that, we proceeded to town for (window) shopping. Looked at a lot of make up and skin care stuff at Takashimaya and Isetan cos that’s what we are into now! Haha! More on this tomorrow cos I am too tired to go into the nitty gritties now. So I shall just write about what I did today! 

Anyways. We went into Mango cos there’s a (small) sale there, and XY bought a pair of denim capris. Pretty nice. But that’s cos she got no butt lah! Big-assed people cannot wear those kinda cutting. Haha! I saw those basic tee shirts on sale and I wanted to buy 1 of each colour. There were about 10 colours, I think? Haha! Good for days when you don’t feel like dressing up, or feel sloppy. Just throw one of the colours on, pair it with a denim skirt or whatever bottom you can find in your wardrobe (it’s so basic that you can’t go wrong pairing it with anything haha) and put on a pair of Birks or sneakers and you’re good to go. Excellent replica of NTU Engin girls’ look. Hahaha! Okay, I’m so mean.

Moving on!

I was telling XY that it’s really ego-bashing and “totally asking for it” to shop at Mango because every girl coming out of the dressing rooms is damn skinny and can fit into all the smallest sizes they have. Saw some dresses at Mango. But a bit pricey. I don’t spend the way I used to anymore. The way I see it, I don’t really have any occassion to wear the dresses, even the more casual ones, because I don’t dress up to go to school. Though I think I should start. Hehe.

Recently been surfing CozyCot’s “What did you wear today” thread, and I’m quite inspired by the girls who post up their daily outfits there. Be it for school, work, or just a trip to the mall, they really dress up nicely, and the effort is really motivating! So I shall try not to look like NTU Engin girls I just threw on a random pair of top and bottom before going to school. Haha.

And so! I am going to start posting pictures of my school/going-out outfits here. I hope I can keep it up. Haha! Here’s today’s:

Green top with beaded details and lace trimmings from Surabaya, denim mini skirt from Kuala Lumpur, and lilac/purple bag from Nike Singapore. Haha!

After today, I will also try not to wear my denim skirts too often. If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I have 2-3 skirts that I wear all the time, completely ignoring the other poor, neglected, and forgotten bottoms in my wardrobe. I have many other skirts that are short and that would totally flout my BB’s rules about not wearing short skirts, but I don’t care, Haha!

Eh, can anyone see the big Hello Kitty in the first picture? Hahaha. I love my Hello Kitty~! OK! I digressed too much! And stop looking at the mess in my room!

Hmm. While at Takashimaya today, I bought 6 doughtnuts from Pop Doh! at the basement food court. Haha. I love their doughnuts. I rather like the heavier types, than the fluffy light ones at other doughnut places. I shared one with XY as my dessert after dinner, gave one to Lis after swimming, and shared one with BB for supper. There are still 3 pretty doughnuts in the fridge, and thinking about them makes me happy too! Haha…

After everything, we finally dragged ourself to Elise’s place, and then headed over to our usual swimming place to do some laps. It ended with a jacuzzi session of course, but today there were 2 other people in the jacuzzi, whom we completely ignored as we yakked away, but still, it didn’t feel as good as previous times, when we had the place all to ourselves! Haha.

I’m completely pooped right now. Need to get into bed soon. But am scared of this monster lurking around in BB’s room (warning: these pictures are not for the faint-hearted). So sad. He refuses to get rid of it, saying that he doesn’t know its whereabouts. I think that is just a lame excuse. He could have caught it and thrown it out, instead of taking those pictures! Argh. I’m so scared to sleep in this room now.

Anyway, I’m completely denouncing the name IncyWincy (hence the Hello Kitty theme now), and I am going to try to re-name my blog and move it to a Hello Kitty-ish blog address!

Okay. Good night people. Enjoy the pictures of the monster.


  1. ntu engine girls dont do denim skirts. it’s just jeans. birkies are barely worn too…

    leave some doughnuts for me leh…

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