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I Love Rainy Nights

Mood:  heartbroken – (my laptop harddisk is damaged)

But let’s not talk about the sad stuff. *big sigh* (and if anyone tells me anything corny like, “don’t sigh cos each time you do, an angel in heaven dies”, I will slap you)

So. Today me and Lis went to IMM for dinner and some shopping. XY was busy attending a wedding dinner with Junior, on behalf of her Dad. Haha. So fun, right? Haha…

Me and Lis deliberated for a very long time on where we wanted to go. Initially, we’d decided to go to town, so that we could thread our eyebrows (only $5!) but then she called the salon and they said that they close at 6pm. Bleah! What kinda shop in town closes at 6pm?! And on a weekend too!

So we decided not to go to town. Okay, I decided. Cos I was too lazy. Haha! I gave Lis the option of West Mall or IMM (cos I’m too lazy to go any place further than Buona Vista, where she lives) and in the end, we settled on IMM. I don’t mind going there cos there are many choices of places to eat at IMM.

I arrived slightly late – but Lis only reached on time because she took a cab, okay. It’s an unfair advantage, seeing that I had to take a bus, then an MRT.

We decided on Cafe Cartel. I actually dislike that branch, cos of what happened the previous time I went there with Sekling, Uzyn, Xiaoluo and BB. But Lis wanted to eat the panfried pasta, so we went anyway.

It was kinda full, so we had to wait a while for our food. But we had the free-flow bread to entertain ourselves with. Haha…

These are my Hawaiian pork chops…

…which I didn’t finish cos the portion was gigantic!

And Lis’ panfried linguini…

…which tasted better than my pork chops

We were both super stuffed after dinner (and we didn’t even finish our food). So we have concluded that we should just order 1 main course or pasta to share between 2 persons next time. The food portions are disgustingly humongous, trust me. Unless you order something like, fish or maybe appetizers? Haha.

Oh yes, one good thing about Cafe Cartel, though. They have stopped charging the 10% service charge on the bill. Which is great, because their service sucks, and I don’t see why I have to pay for sucky service (or a lack of service, actually). If I am going to pay 10% for service, I jolly well better get good service!

We went to Esprit later on, and I bought a casual long-sleeved shirt!

This pic was taken by BB after I got home

Haha. Nice? I like the shirt!

I made BB take so many shots until he was getting a bit impatient already. Haha. Lucky for him, he doesn’t live with me all the time, or I’ll be asking him to take pics of my outfits everyday. Haha! And not just one shot, but many! Hehe! Oh, I didn’t take a pic of my outfit today cos I wore this denim skirt again, with a Esprit Sports top and my Esprit red jacket (I seem to like Esprit a lot, huh? But it’s not true! I’m used to like it more a couple of years back haha), cos I didn’t go home today though I was supposed to and there isn’t much for me to wear when I’m staying at BB’s place.

Okay. Digressed again. We also went to places like e-base, c.o.a.x., etc and tried on some clothes, but didn’t buy, cos they weren’t that great. But trying the clothes on was fun! Haha. I’m not always in a shopping mood (or rather, the mood to try clothes) so yup, today was fun 🙂

Then we went to Watson’s. Lis bought some stuff for her upcoming Phuket trip (I’m so jealous!) and I bought a bar of chocolate! Hahahaha!

I love Fruit & Nut! And also Blackforest. Hehe!

And we rushed to Daiso (it was already 9:30pm by then). I simply love Daiso! So many things to see and buy! And most of all, I love it that they sell Hello Kitty stuff! Hahahaha!

Today’s loot from Daiso:

Hello Kitty chopsticks!

And Hello Kitty face towel!

And a mist-spray bottle!

(no Hello Kitty one, so sad)

The mist-sprayer is for making my own “brumisateur” cos Evian’s is too expensive. Haha. Wanna make your own? Just fill up a similar bottle with water. Then add 5-7 drops of facial toner (I use L’Oreal’s) and if you tend to have dry skin, add 3 drops of moisturizer (I use Missha’s Deep Sea Water serum). Shake well before using! Enjoy your home-made refreshing face mist-spray! Hehe.

And, digressions are becoming too common on this blog. I’m such a bimbo. I get distracted so easily, Haha. So. After Daiso, we got a little hungry again (all that shopping makes you hungry, you know!) and we headed over to Coffee Club for dessert and drinks!

 Coffee Club @ IMM

Butterscotch Banana Cheesecake

Close-up. The texture wasn’t very smooth, but it was still good.

And we’d never miss this each time we go to Coffee Club!

Our fave drink in the whole wide world!
Iced Earl Vanilla!

This drink is simply wonderful. It’s basically milky earl grey tea with cubes of ice. Very smooth and satisfying, especially with the steamed milk foam, and the dollop of vanilla ice cream on top! Nothing beats this sweet yet refreshing tea drink 🙂

Okay! We went home after that, so end of story. Good night!


  1. eh babe.. ur phone cam is really good!! the pics are all very very clear and the colours are true and all in all the pics are pretty.
    okay i guess at this point in time i have to add, it’s cos u’re a good photographer….. too…???!!!!
    anyway i had fun with u!
    and i like the shirt!
    and i shld have bought the kitty box.

    for some $2 fun.

  2. i love imm and i love daiso!

  3. You took ur pict on my side of the room. I have to charge u for that. Studio rental is not cheap ok. Please respect the trade. = |

  4. lis: i’m sorry to disappoint u leh. the pics of the food were edited. and the pics of my shirt, and the stuff i bought, were taken using CY’s super hi-tech camera. … HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. but eh. im a good photographer too.. haha. my BB is better tho! hah.

    linda: ya me too! 🙂 let’s meet at IMM lah. u’re so bz.. at least im sure u go to IMM to buy stuff rite? hah..

    gerald: erm.. okay.. i pay u in donuts can? ahha stil got one in the fridge!! 🙂

  5. sian diao. I KNEW it! it’s some lao-kok-kok phone.

  6. hahahaahahaha no lo.. but i tink my phone cam stil better than YOURS can… hahaahahahahahahaha

  7. payment in kind is accepted but u said donutS with an S. one stale donut without the S wont do. nope, cant do.

  8. IMM anytime! how about later?!?! 🙂 we can do dinner..

    i can’t log into my hello kitty account, it says site busy. *wails*

  9. hoho daisco again, know this word since linda talk abt it, haven been there.. u neva buy the famed boxers for BB ah..

    anywhere else got this iced earl vanilla? slurp slurp mouth itchy… and the panfried linguini looks yummy Awww~

  10. hello i very glad to read your blog is amazing,thank u for u,i hope you can read this. miss u

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