Posted by: incywincy | April 26, 2007

Please Email Me!


Yes! I now have a email address! Yay! Haha… I love it! So I am going to introduce you to the email, and why this SanrioTown website rocks!

This is the login page! Sign up on the top right corner!

(Click on picture for a larger image!)

After logging in, you will see your inbox like this:

(Click on picture for a larger image!)

Aren’t the icons on the navigation bar completely adorable? And yes, XY has a Hello Kitty email account too! And she sent me a Hello Kitty Greeting Card! Hahahaha!

And here is the “compose email” page:

(Click on picture for a larger image!)

This is one of my favourite part. You can send Hello Kitty stamps with your email! How cute is that! Hahahahaha! Completely useless, but adorable nonetheless!

And I hereby conclude that XY and I have successfully spent 2 hours on Hello Kitty and are currently still Hello-Kitty-ing at 4:30am. Oh gawd. What are we doing with our time?! Haha!

And another completely useless but adorable Hello Kitty thingie: A Credit Card with Hello Kitty’s mug on it!

Hahahahahahahaha! BB, I want! Haha!


  1. omg! i’m gg to set up one NOW!

  2. what’s you all’s problem… ( – ” – )

  3. ahahahhaa…this is soooo cool!!!!i love my melodyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! i am going to register the email now!!!!!!!!! ahahah

  4. …*spspspspeeeechless*…

    hello kitty is cute, but this camp of fetish is..mind-boggling.. 🙂

  5. i feel like i’ve betrayed my melody.. i do love her so!!!
    I shall set up another one for my students only. hehe!!

  6. i…traumatised jr when i told him i had one…come to think of it…i can understand hw he feels…

  7. it’s 5am.. i’m taking a break from my finance notes.. so here i am.. checking out your blog.. and i’ve decided to entertain myself by setting up a mymelody account too!! hahaha..

    sheesh.. i don’t really need THAT many email accounts actually.. but girls are easily influenced by cute stuffs.. haha..

  8. Daph, ORD loh…

  9. gerald i have half a mind to delete ur msg from this post cos it is so completely unrelated to hello kitty.

    bb n xiaoluo: what’s wrong with it? hello kitty is so cute what.. its contagious! hahah u guys shd also sign up for your own email addresses!! heh. BB, u know, justin used to hv a email add!! see? he’s so cute! haha. u shd sign up for one too, so u can be cute also. hahah!

    to all my girls: well done!! hahahahaha. send me a hellokitty email ok. we can send kitty/melody mails to one another 🙂 *Exclusive girls’ club. NO BOYS!* haha!!

  10. email me email me – (what else?!?) 🙂

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