Posted by: incywincy | April 24, 2007

Back From The Dead!

I have actually been feeling extremely lazy to blog. It’s not that I have nothing to blog about. But I am just too lazy! Anyway I’ve been staying at BB’s place for the last 1 week or so. Am finally going home today (after I blog, and after I pack up haha).

Today I received my beloved Florida Kimono Red Birkenstocks! Haha! And I cannot resist showing them off:

It came in a pretty pink-purple box!

And a close-up of the design

And the shoe the shoe the shoe the shoe that I love


I’m wearing ’em right now, while sitting on the chair in front of the computer, blogging about ’em. Haha! They are so comfy. And they make my feet look smaller than they already are.

So exciting. Hehe. I’ve been waiting for them for so long. Actually, they arrived in Singapore a long time ago, but I just didn’t have the time to go all the way to Tampines to pick them up. So I got the spree organizer to post them to me! Hehe. She’s really nice. I totally recommend ordering through her if you wanna order from Tobias Mayer! 🙂

Well, okay, let’s stop talking about them.

I’ve been watching movies and going out a lot since my exams ended last Wednesday. Haha! All you NTU, NUS and SMU suckers – eat my dust! Haha! Okay, I’m just kidding. You all know I still love you, although my exams ended last Wednesday! Haha!

So far, I’ve watched (from BB’s endless inventory list of movies in his computer which doesn’t include those he actually burned onto DVDs already):

The Curse of the Golden Flower (黄金甲) – Gory and twisted, but I like!
Miss Potter – Very sad show, but it’s about female power! Haha!
Charlotte’s Web – I like pigs
After This Our Exile (父子) – Slow, but there are good parts (not the sex scenes though, haha!) I love Gow Ian Iskandar!
Cinderella Man – 200 stars! It’s a very moving and exciting show!
Friends With Money – Bah. Completely forgettable.

And I am going home to start on my 39 episode Taiwan drama serial marathon of The Hospital (白色巨塔). Haha! I can’t wait. And there are 2000 things I need to do within this 1 week before school begins! Hehe.

Oh, next week I will be attending the HR Congress 2007! Haha! I am super excited (although I have to do a project about the congress after attending it) cos I know I will be learning alot from it!

Anyways. I need to recount my pre- and post-exam activities before they completely melt into oblivion. Haha.

I had exams on Monday and Wednesday, and here’s my Wednesday 爱心面包 from BB: Ham-cheese-lettuce sandwich! Yums.

BB also made us sandwiches on Tuesday morning, when we went to the Library to study with Lis and Gerald. Heh. Studying with Gerald is always fun. Talk and study and eat junk food. Haha! Sounds like what I used to do with XY. I miss those days studying with XY at JP, KAP, everywhere. Haha.

We all had dinner together (with Xun in tow) after we wrapped up studying for the day. Hehe. I drew many pretty mind maps while we were at the library. But still… It didn’t help that much. Cos the paper sucked.

And on Wednesday (after the horrible paper which I’d rather not recount), I met up with Lis, XY and Junior at Bugis. We watched *drumrolls* The Last Mimzy! Hahaha! Not exactly the type of movie we’d choose if the cinemas decided to show less horrible movies, you know. But still, it was a laugh. Although I spilt our drink even before the movie started (I’m sorry, Lis!)

Junior loved the movie so much that he couldn’t stop imitating the mimzy sounds. Haha! It was an okay show. Too far-fetched and out-of-the-world, but it was quite funny – and the girl in the show was uber cute. Hehe!

Before the movie. XY the glutton, hogging the huge popcorn bucket

We wanted to eat at Basil Alcove at Middle Road after the movie, but it was closed! So we settled for this place called HK Causeway Bay Cafe, which was near my old office. Haha. The food was okay, the service sucked. Bla bla bla. Here are some pictures:

Blurred cos Jr’s hand shakes

And I’m too lazy to go and kope XY‘s photos from her blog

My 鸳鸯 (tea and coffee drink) came in a jar! Haha! So cute!

My claypot tofu seafood noodles

Lis and XY and Junior had baked rice

Afterwards, we headed over to another shop for dessert! Haha!

Oh no! I just realised that it looks like Junior wasn’t there at all! Haha! He is in none of the pics! Okay, next time must take photos with Junior! Hehe.

After eating all that stuff, we went to swim! Haha! Yeps. At least we tried to burn some calories that we’d consumed. So it ain’t as bad, you know! Haha! I don’t even remember the name of the place where we always go to swim. Haha. Erm. Goldfish memory. And XY always drives us there, so it’s not like I actually need to know what it’s called. Oops. Hehe.

On Thursday, I met up with XY for bubble tea, and Andersen’s ice cream at Jurong Point, our old haunt! Hehe. XY was hungry at 5pm (after consuming the bubble tea, and ice cream) and then she wanted to eat something, so we went to the food court on level 3. This is her tea-break food:

And one wonders how she keeps herself slim. @.@ *sigh*

Then we headed back to BB’s room, and disturbed him a bit, before traipsing off to look for Jiaming for dinner at the Quad Cafe in NTU. Haha! The food there is awful. But it still beats many other NTU canteens. Haha!

And then on Friday, me and XY and Junior went to town. XY had an appointment with her dermatologist at Paragon, but she didn’t actually get to see him. So infuriating! The nurse/clinic assistant there was completely inept. She didn’t inform us at all that the doctor was performing a procedure for another patient, which would take like 2 whole hours. And we just waited there for nothing, for a whole hour! And then XY decided that she doesn’t really wanna see him if she’s gotta wait for so long – so we left. The nurse/clinic assistant really should have informed us! What is the point of having an appointment if the doctor can’t keep to it?! Bah.

After we left Paragon, we headed down to Takashimaya, bought some skin care stuff for myself at Watson’s, as well as our dinner, before we went to the condo to swim again. Haha. It rained when we got there, so we had dinner at the pavillion by the pool, then we went up to Junior’s aunt’s place for some card games, before swimming. But I think I didn’t let my food settle before going to swim, and I got stitches. So I went and sat in the steaming hot jacuzzi for a really long time. Haha! I love jacuzzis!

Oh ya! I also got a new pair of goggles! It corrects my myopia so now I can see clearly in the water, and I won’t bump into anyone while swimming anymore! Haha!

After swimming, I walked back to Lis’ place with her, cos XY stayed at Junior’s aunt’s place to play Mahjong haha. So tai-tai-ish.

And Saturday and Sunday and Monday were spent slacking in the room, watching above-mentioned movies. I’m so tired now! This is a long long long pointless blog entry which is just a recollection of my boring life. But I’m not sad about it! I’m happy about my boring life cos I got great people around me! Haha! Can’t wait to go swimming again, but not for now cos I got my horrid menses. Haha.

Oh, wait, I need to blog about my horrible KFC delivery experience!

I ordered KFC on Saturday night cos I was really really hungry. I missed dinner cos I slept through it. Haha! So typical of me. So anyway. I called the hotline, and got this big bimbo to take my order down. Sigh.

One of the initial parts of the conversation went like this:

Bimbo: Can I have your postal code please?
Me: 639810
Bimbo: Oh, okay. This is your phone number, right? Okay, 639810… what’s the last 2 digits of your phone number again?
Me: Hello! You asked me for my postal code, so obviously this is my postal code! Why would I give you my phone number?!

Okay. So after that, she finally got to the part where she asked me for my order. I said clearly, “1 couple meal. Original chicken please.”

And she took it down. And then suddenly she went, “Ohmygosh! The system is down and I can’t put your order through! Could you just wait for awhile till the system is back up again?”

And okay, normal people, sane people, and good customer service people would now proceed to put the phone on a mute, right? Or let the customer listen to some music or whatever. But nope, the bimbo customer service person decided to let me listen to her hyperventilating and breathing heavily into the phone receiver. Which is what she did for the next 3 or 5 minutes. And she kept going, “Ohmygosh ohmygosh. It’s still down. Argh!”


Finally it went through, and she was like, “So, I’m going to confirm your order now, okay?” and an irritated me said, “Yes, please do. I didn’t call in just to chat with you.” And then she said without skipping a beat (maybe she really didn’t notice the sarcasm in my voice), “Okay, your order will arrive in 45 minutes.” And I was like, “So long?” (thinking that McD delivery takes only 30 minutes) and she confirmed again that it would take 45 minutes.

So we hung up. And I waited, while watching a movie.

And I waited, and waited, and waited. After 1 hour, the order didn’t arrive yet. So I checked the status. And they told me that it takes 1.5 hours. Waitaminute! She said 45 minutes! I told the person to check with the supervisor, and get back to me. Which they did. And they kept apologizing profusely, which did nothing to appease me. And it got me even madder when the supervisor offered me a measly 10% discount on my next order!

WTF?! Seriously. My orders usually amount to about 15 dollars. So a 10% discount would be a $1.50 off my total bill. Hello? $1.50 doesn’t even buy you anything in Singapore.

But argh. Whatever. I was so pissed already. So I hung up. And waited some more.

The food finally came after 2 hours! What happened to the 1.5 hours promised (and the original 45 minutes)? I was hopping mad. Went down to get my food, and it was cold, soggy, and wet. I was boiling mad by now. And then I realised it’s the wrong order. I wanted original and this was crispy! I marched back to BB’s room and then I punched in the numbers 62353535 and demanded to speak to a manager about my order.

They said they’d call me back, so while waiting, I tucked into my food (I’d been waiting for so long for my food that I didn’t care anymore). When they called back, a guy apologized for the food condition. He said, “I’m really sorry. I think I packed the food too early. And the order on the form clearly states crispy, so maybe the person who took your order got it wrong.”

(speechless for 2 seconds) “Okay, excuse me. Are you a food packer? I’m sorry. I wanted to speak to a manager and I don’t think you are qualified or in the position to even apologize to me.”

So the manager came to the phone, and he offered to send me a new meal with the correct order. He apologized for the condition of the food.

I said, sarcastically, “So I’ve got to wait another 2 hours for the next packet to arrive? No thanks! I’m too hungry already, and I’ve waited so long for your delivery person to arrive!”

And he apologized once again, and said, “No, Ma’am, if you’d wait for just 15 minutes, we’ll send you a fresh and hot meal by cab.”

Whoa. Points scored, and I relaxed a little, “That’s not necessary. I’ve already tucked into my food. I’m just really angry because I’ve never had such bad service from KFC before!”

And he explained that there was a shortage of riders, bla bla bla and the food had to come from Jurong East branch (and I interjected, “So is that my fault that you have insufficient riders?”) and he apologized again and said that they will refund me for the food. I still wasn’t appeased, but then I didn’t know what else I could ask them to do for me. So I let it go, and they are crediting the amount back to my account (cos I had paid by Visa for this meal).

I’m waiting for the amount to be credited back to my account now. So I hope it won’t take too long.

It’s just a stroke of bad luck, one after another. On Saturday afternoon, I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my eldest sister, Doreen, from this website but they also didn’t deliver it on time! Reason? They don’t process orders on weekends, and don’t do delivery on weekends! WTF?! Have you heard of florists who take weekends off? Argh! They finally called on Monday morning, and told me that they are very sorry that they didn’t get my order earlier, would I still want to send the flowers now? I said, “No, of course not, because the flowers were meant for my sis who was performing in a play, and was meant to be delivered as you promised, on the same day of the order, and the play has ended last night!”

No where on the website did they state that they do not process orders or make deliveries on weekends! I’m so peeved. I had put in my order and asked them to send it to KLPac, where my sis was performing. Some companies are just so retarded. First the florist (in the afternoon) and then KFC (at night). It just wasn’t my day.

And now, I’m going to pack, to go home to my lovely queen-sized bed, my Hello Kitty, my darling Piggy (whose furry body and snout, and furry and fat paws I miss so much), and of course, to my books that await me! Haha!


  1. SMU ended exams before u! haha! i didn’t even bother finishing the post and i hadda comment about this le! AHA! die… post exams are making me lame..

  2. har! really ah! humph.. ok la.. so SMU ppl cant eat my dust.. but thn.. stil got NTU n NUS ppl! muahahahahaha..

  3. I in NTU ebili day do nth, waiting for next day newspapers.. no exam leh do wat…. kekeke

  4. if i’m bored, why are u always more bored than i am?! haha.

  5. xiaoluo, so shiok arh, got lobang or not…

  6. i got 7 papers in 4 days, counting my sleeping time in half hours…

  7. Awww.. Adam’s exciting life~

  8. Thank you xiaoluo, THANK YOU So Much!!!

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