Posted by: incywincy | April 14, 2007

Road Hazard

Reasons why Daphne shouldn’t drive:

  1. Daphne panics when there are too many cars near her
  2. Daphne cannot park properly, and parks like an aeroplane. Or like this (photo courtesy Parking Idiots)
  3. Daphne cannot tell which side of the road she should be on.
  4. Daphne brakes very suddenly

Sigh. If Xiaoli drives like an F1 Racer, Daphne drives like she is the biggest hazard on the roads.

So sad. I actually have a driver’s license, you know?


  1. scary…

  2. i know…

  3. make me curious.. wan to take a ride see see feel feel..

  4. trust me, u wouldn’t want…

  5. maybe i can drive u ard next time =) we shd really meet more often. so true.. sometimes we are so close yet so far!

  6. update! hahahaa

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